My plants drying out...what am i doing wrong

That looks like severe pH related nutrient lockout. It might also be nutrient burn, or both, but the first is the most likely.

If it was started as a pH problem and you thought they were drying out, and then you started giving them more water, the over-watering can also be part of the problem and over watering can even throw off your pH.

Ya i use my water hose to water them what should i use?

It looks more like nute burn than anything else to me,the tips of the leaves arent showing much overwatering I would mist them twice a day for the next week and not do anything else. Then see what it looks like in a week then reevaluate.

You can use tap water, but you need to adjust the pH before you give it to the plants, 5.8 pH for hydro, and 6.5 pH for soil. You can buy a pH “Down” additive from a Hydro store or online. Or you can use pure sulfuric acid, you can get this at an auto parts store as a “battery refill”, this is pure sulfuric acid and does not have any lead in it yet as it has not been inside an auto battery yet.

We spoke about this in this other thread awhile ago: Lowering the pH of my water

Macgyerstoner could vinegar be used instead of battery acid? I’ve used that before and it’s not a radical change to reduce any risk of shock.

I don’t really think it is necessarily nute burn at all, look closely at the stem, it is very red and the leaves are splotchy and wilting and very pale, likely to the nutes being locked out. This is just so late in the game that it looks way worse than what most are used to seeing with nutrient lockout.

A new grower, seeing the edges dry and curl, might assume the plant needs more water and then over waters, and actually makes the pH problem worse by both adding extra hard water and also the anaerobic conditions in the soil caused by over-watering can further contribute to throwing off the pH.

And in answer to your question Russ, vinegar is discussed in the link provided.

And in answer to your question Russ, vinegar is discussed in the link
Yes MacGyverStoner I read that.

Ralphy91 please keep the thread running. It would be helpful to see the end results and what you did to try to resolve the problem.

So then you saw, it can be used, it just isn’t as effective or as stable.

And there shouldn’t be any shock, as you should be adjusting to the proper pH well before it ever comes in contact with the plant’s roots, no matter what you used to adjust the pH, yes you don’t wan’t to pour pure sulfuric acid necessarily into a reservoir nor directly to the soil or the roots. What ever directly touches the roots should generally never be below 5.5 pH.

IN relation to Vinegar. I tried it when I 1st started grower over 10 years ago. I found Vinegar to be real unstable, and PH varied to often.

For years I bought phosphorous acid based PH down. I run a commercial Greenhouse and mix 1000liters of solution every 2 days. I switched to Sulphuric based acid, and have been using that for years instead of P acid.

Commonly called battery acid. Not from your car battery, but from a fresh box of diluted battery refill. I only share this because it is readily available at any parts store, and is a TON better than Vinegar. Very stable.

If you follow this advice; Know this; Even diluted this acid is strong, so start with very little until you figure out how much to add to your size reservoir. I would start by mixing up a 5 gallon res for watering. Good luck. :slight_smile: