My plants do not make it after they get a couple inches tall

My plants do not make it after they get a couple inches tall. They get all dried and droppy and die. Is it because they get too much water or not enough?

Any photos mate? The more info you give us the better the chances of us helping you :+1:

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@LatinoUSAGreenRush pictures will tell the story. Then we can guide you with answers.

I want to say that sounds like dampening off but pictures and a filled out support ticket would help us help you

like everyone is saying… it could be 100 things causing this,

give us a run down from picking out the seed to death,
the more info the better.!

Well… this has happened to over 7 seeds I have germinated in the past two weeks. Too much water? Is it better to buy a doom and wait until they are how tall? Thank you so much for your help guys! that is so nice of you all!

Combination of overwatering and the light is too far away. Lower light, water ONCE and cover with a dome to retain moisture.
What you’re seeing is “damping off” and the stretch from the light too far away isn’t helping.

By: garrigan65

Damping-Off is a fungus that is in soil mixtures, it attacks seeds and seedlings before and after it emerges from the shell. Seedlings that get attacked by this fungus usually die, considering the plant doesn’t have a fighting chance nor a system setup to help fight the fungus. A range of growth stages the plant can be attacked, up to 8 sets of true leaves, or 3 leaf nodes. Leaves, roots, and stems can be affected. Damping-off can be easily confused by excessive fertilization (Nutrient Burn), high levels of salts from either water or nutrient solution build up, excessive heat or cold, excessive or insufficient soil moisture. The Cotyledons show on the soil surface can whither and die or healthy looking seedlings may suddenly fall over. Infection first starts right below the soil line; once attacked, the seedling and vegetative stage plants will start to rot, lower part of the stem will be soft, brown and or leaves will turn purplish hue and can yellow, brown and then fall over or shrivel up; can be any one of these or show all symptoms. Seedlings, or vegetative stage plants then can start to fall over from stem being so soft and starting to rot inside out, one item contributes to this problem is over watering, putting seedlings, or small plants into a big pot; when you water the soil down lower soaks up excess water and ends up sitting in the middle to bottom part of the soil in the pot. When this happens fungus begins to build up due to them not having a deep enough or a big root system to absorb all the excess water, then it ends up turning into damping-off. Later stages of damping-off in vegetative stage seedling, the leaves will droop and turn yellow, as if the plant was over watered. Stems will be severely weaken and may fall over from being under developed and skinny. Older plants can build up a resistance to damping-off, but if they do not, older plants show long skinny stems, stunted roots, and stem discoloration. The Soil that is rich in nitrogen, r rich mixture, and soggy soils, soil that stay wet for long periods, and warm soil or temperatures. Even hydroponics systems can get damping-off; mediums that stay too saturated, you have less likely chance of getting damping-off in hydroponics systems.


Thank you so much! I water again and put the light… I won’t water probably until next week or to keep it at 60% humidity is good?

I wouldn’t water anymore until they get some significant roots. Depending on growth. At this phase they have no roots to uptake water. I would use an empty water bottle cut in half placed over the seedling to keep the RH above 60%. @LatinoUSAGreenRush


Here is a fool proof way.
But a jiffy germination dome, small.
Spam your seeds for 24hr.
Boil some water and pour it on your jiffy pucks, cut them up on the top “fluff” them, once they are warm and not hot burry the seeds just below some fluffyness lol.
Close the dome and wait, they may need water once or twice before they are to tall for the tent but no more really. The dome will keep them humid.

Try again with this method, I’ve had 100% success so far


@Covertgrower I will do that! thank you so much!

@Nicky thank you so much!! I was doing it so wrong. Thank you so much. I was checking my my seeds and some had tiny worms… is that normal when you over water?! Definitely I will follow your steps! I am so shocked of how nice everyone is in here! I live in Los Gatos California and the culture is much more different here! Thank you everyone for being so kind!

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Might be gnat worms… In that case water your soil and cover it with DE and let it sit. Or use a sterilized mix like sunshine

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@Hungrybud Thank you for reading my post! I wanted to ask another question (I have so many!). At this point… should I harvest or could I somehow save these little pretty plants? I also broke because I saw a youtube video where the guy had this amazing plants and got better thc… of course I just learn how to grow them properly! Thank you so much!

I wish I talked to you all a year ago…

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Go online an order a USB microscope. It’s the only accurate way to see your tricombs and share them with us as well.

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@Nicky Do you think these are ready? thank you so much! :slight_smile:
! 20190702_065438|666x500

Trichomes1 Trichomes2 Trichomes3 Trichomes4 Trichomes Trichomes1 Trichomes2 Trichomes3 Trichomes4

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Holy heck how did you get that good of tricomb shots?
It looks cloudy is there a protective lense cap still on?

Those samples your showing me of the tricombs look ready, make sure the plants have been dried right out before you harvest though.


@Nicky I am so sorry! I just noticed you comment! I have a $100 microscope from named AmScope with MD35! I am not sure if there is one because I never though of that! Thank you! I am going to check! I just watered a plant that has the exact same trichomes which means the plant is ready so that means I need to wait to harvest is in a couple days!!! Thank you so much @Nicky and forgive me for not noticing your nice reply!

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All good, great shot.
Yeah much better than our USB microscopes

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