My plants are tall and leggy. How far up the stem can you put soil when transplanting



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

My plants are tall and leggy. How far up the stem can you put soil when transplanting.I have never grown before and I just dont know.


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You don’t want to transplant while they are in flower. You will shock them into hermie and that’s not good.
For now just stick them and tie them to the stick for support so that they don’t fall over and break the stem.


Are they autos ?


them some little plants flowering!

well on second look … not that small … I don’t see any branches ? are they clones?


Gotta be @Sasquatch that went right into flower


What is an auto? I have never grown before. These are my first 2 plants ever


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Autos are plants that don’t rely on light times to start flowering and have short veg times instead flower normally three weeks or so from sprout regardless of how many hours of light they receive.
Photo plants are plants that rely in light schedules and flower naturally when they sense less day light hours so indoors most growers will veg under a 18/6 schedule and reduce to 12/12 when they are ready to flower
Outdoors this will happen when day light hours start reducing in the fall usually when day light hours drop below 14 hours
Feminized seeds are all female seeds
Regular seeds can have both male and female seeds
The reason I thought they are either autos or clones is size and shape
How many hours of day light were they getting before they started to flower ?


I’m in Hawaii and they are getting between 7 and 12 hrs of light depending on the weather. I put them in the sun and move them around during the day to get them as much light as possible.


Ok that explains why so small reduced day light hours all good start another grow when days start getting longer and watch how big they get with a longer veg cycle
Im in ny and our outdoor grow season is 5-6 months depending on how early we go outdoors
So im thinking down there woohoo trees


I know absolutely nothing about growing
Im suprised they arent dead. I don’t have anymore seeds and know nothing about procuring them. I can’t grow insude…no room I dont know when or how to harvest. Total newbie


@Peach All good thats what we are here for
Check out our seed bank they will ship almost anywhere top quality seeds and genetics of your really interested in obtaining seeds

You wont be sorry
Your going to have some nice smoke there from the looks of it just a reduced harvest
Hang out with us and before you know it youll be giving other advice :wink:


Ok as far as harvesting
A jewlers loop or pocket scipe is best way imo
But look at the white hairs those are called pistols
When they are about 80% red or brown your close to harvest and many will harvest at that time
Here a couple more links for you
Lots of great info also you recommend you download the grow bible and give it a read its free


I downloaded it and read most of it
It seems mostly indoor
But will reread


They grow the same indoors and out
difference is the amount of time they grow before flowering @Peach
Take a look at the giudes link i posted
They have it broken down to sections outdoors being one of them


Cool thanks