My plants are short :/

Lookin good, if your temperature is staying above 65°f you won’t need the heating pad. Mars makes good lights so it will help 4sure especially in flower. Well seems like you’re on your way, if I can help again I sure will just @ me like this @Yaseen and I will definitely try I’m still figuring this shit out myself… good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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The light came, currently about 20 inches above and the 600watt is 30 inches above. I just watered it today after trying to let the soil dry out, it didn’t fully dry out but I definitely noticed it was lighter so I added 25ML to each plant. I the mix I watered it with was 80ML filtered water, 10ML FF liquid plant food, 2ML FF big bloom fertilizer. The PH was 6. In this post is the shorter plant MgK with the discolored dying leaf. :frowning: and the taller plant is growing leaves in between the branches finally! What should I start doing now?

It’s ok to take off those dead leaves. I don’t know about the seedling soil from miracle grow but most of their shit has their slow release nutrients in it check out the bag if you still have it. If it’s just organic materials that is in it you will be ok if it’s man made slow release it sucks because it’s not formulated for MJ and makes it a pain in the ass. Not the end of the world trust me you won’t be the 1st one who used it in this conversation even lol. It does tell us why they look to have some nute burn

What have you decided to do for training? It’s still to soon to do but it is time to decide so you will know what to do with the branches that just started. I suggest to keep it simple by just topping and watching maybe some lite LST but imo it’s best to concentrate on the fundamentals of water, ph, nutes, light distances and just learning how a plant grows. Obviously that’s not my call

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I feel like it’s too late to switch the soil but I do have some ff bush doctor and ff ocean forest on standby if you think that’s best for it. Also topping it, you guys just lmk when it’s at that age. I am monitoring the ph of the water, idk what nutrients to give the plant tho. I hope it’s still in vegetative state because I want it to grow taller before it buds. I have been feeding it compost tea, I got the recipe from YouTube a “mrcanucks” thank you I’ll post what I’ve been doing and the plants status daily I’ll try not to make any noob mistakes. Also I removed the dead leaves just now. :slight_smile:

If you don’t make a mistake then you will be the 1st one who didn’t make at least one lol. Is this an auto or a photo? That looks like good soil is it ff and you just used the miracle for the original seed

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They’re both photo’s. My auto died due to noob mistakes… :sweat: they all sprouted too and I killed em all.

The soil in the MgK(shorter plant) is mixed with FF Ocean forest and miracle gro seedling starter soil. The soil in the taller plant is just a cup of Miracle gro and the rest is FF Ocean forest and coco coir

I’m familiar with the timed release nitrogen in their soil. My hope I’m buying the seedling mix was hopefully they added less of it (since its for young plants) and my plants would flourish after the nitrogen bombardment would soon be over by the time the plants needs switch to needing P and K. So far doesn’t seem so… I think the MgK (in a fabric pot with all mira gro and FF mix) is suffering from too much nitrogen though. The leaves that are developed are really green and now they have brown spots on them…
taller plant looks better than fine tho. Its ABSOLUTELY LOVING the new light!!

Plants today. Shorter MgK taller White Russian both photos

They look fine one is starting to flower already. I think they’ll finish for you I would just water em for the next time and then the one after I would start flower food on the one and a little of the grow food to the other. I would start with 1/4 strength whatever it says watch em and obviously stop if bad reactions or go higher strength if they like it. Watching the ph hopefully they’ll work for you, post an update every once in a while good luck

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That’s no good arent they a little short? What should I do to the MgK to make sure it flourishes more before it flowers?

I would stop watering at the base of the plant like that. Start watering about an inch or so away from the stalk and spiral out to the edges, so the roots grow out to find the water. This will also keep you from drowning the roots with overwatering. :+1:

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Unless you are giving them more than 10 hours of dark everyday they are autos or at least the one is and I have never grown an auto because they flower when they want to not when I want them to. Maybe some day I’ll try my hand at it but it’s not in the plan now.

Its a photo I just left them in the dark once for two days. The taller one went to flower and the shorter one I guess just wasn’t there yet. Today, I finally switched the light cycle to 12/12 for the taller one by separating it. Will update when they wake up.

I absolutely keep forgetting this… I won’t water at the base anymore till they look underwater

Be honest, is it even worth continuing the shorter plant or should I start germinating something else? :confused: I clearly stunted it and I just want my plants to grow like the other growdairies I see on here. How do they get such daily growth?

I can now control the humidity easily but I got this powerful enough dehumidifier in the middle of these plants grow. I just got the correct light now thank you guys so much. So now that I’m prepared from day 1, should I start some new plants? I don’t really care -when- I get buds I’m 95% in it for the experience… also the seeds are all good I got Banana Kush and Jack Herer from ilgm :slight_smile:

Especially because you are doing this for the experience of it…I’d continue this one out. Experience as many problems as possible and be happy about them. Take the Bob Ross route and all of them will be “happy little accidents”. Learn from them all and then on your next grow you’ll have a much more well-rounded knowledge-base of what to do, look for, and guard against for an even better grow. Just a thought. :facepunch:

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These are the plants today. I fed the shorter one some of the green stuff and the flowering plant some of the fertilizer. Gotta see how they react in a few.

Okay so I looked into topping and it’s absolutely what I want to do but I’m 100% scared. I need my plants to grow out more actual bud branches horizontally like the one flowering at the top but it’s just not. Should I try topping it when the plant is “ready” or stick to something more noob friendly, or it’s just too late for all of that?

If you’re already budding it’s too late for topping. If this is an auto, I dont recall, then you shouldn’t (some say otherwise though for sure) ever top it.

If you are revegging them…then you should be fine to top them as you see it starting to grow up and out more again, I would imagine.