My plants are short :/

  • What strain, White Russian & Mango Kush

  • Method: Soil (FOx Farms mixed with Miracle Gro seedling soil)

  • Vessels: White Russian: Bucket Mango Kush: Fabric pot

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: 6.5-6.8 filtered water 6.5 compost tea

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: don’t know how to measure

  • Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

  • Light system: 600 watt light ~45-50” away

  • Temps; Day:75-80 Night 70-71

  • Humidity; Day: 45-50 Night 55-60

  • Ventilation system; Issa closet I open the door often o.o;

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Yes yes and yes

  • Co2; Yes, a DIY CO2

The taller plant is WR(White Russian) shorter is MK(Mango Kush)

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The last picture in the first post is mango kush

Pls lmk if you need help identifying what’s there, I need all the help I can get! Both plants are 5-6 weeks old…

Bucks is 5 or 7 gallons fabric pot is 10 gallons

Maybe it did not handle the lst method well and stunted the growth. Usually will last 3 to 5 days before she takes off again. It looks good to me. Happy growing friend.


Thank you, I started the LST two days ago I will post progress

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Those are just leaves you have tied down for LST you need to let the branches grow out and those are what you tie. This is the best pic I have that shows a branch starting to grow out the plant is just topped but the branch is growing out between the leaf and stem. Hope this helps you out…


I removed the ties today at your advice.

this is how it looks, I’m pretty sure I overwatered it recently. the soil feels hard, moist and warm on the taller plant and the shorter plant the soil is a lot more loose, the top soil is dry but under is fairly moist and very warm. The soil temperature is 73-75 degrees with a heating Matt and thermostat regulating it.

I didn’t water it yesterday and today. so the soil on both feel Looser… how should I water them from now on?

is anything specific I can show on the plant to see if it’s healthy?

There’s a couple of ways to tell when to water the way I do it is I just dig in a little about an inch or so if it’s dry I water. Others and probably the better way is when you start your pot before you water it pick it up then once you have watered it pick it up again. There is a big enough difference in weight that it’s easy to tell. You want your soil to get pretty dry because the roots need oxygen or you can get root rot. It’s a little different in little cups I watch the color of the soil. Living soil is done a little different so if you ever go that way you’ll have to learn what’s different

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They need more light bro>

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Light will always be the difference maker

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Starting lst too early is a bad idea and remember to pot up , solo cups, 3 gallon then finish in 7 gallon

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I’ll continue to let the soil dry out. Overwatering killed all my other plants so you guys don’t let my plants die they’re in your hands. :slight_smile:

I have 600watt and its 45~ inches away maybe more. Should I bring the light closer? Include some reflective around the closet? Buy a higher wattage?

I got excited… I took off the ties this morning though.

I have a 300 watt light as well, should I run both for more light or just get a higher wattage?

Its definitely the light I was running my “1000” watt mars hydro at about 15 inches at that size and bring the other light in to you’ll need all the help you can get. Also is your light 600 watt draw or advertised as 600 watts(BIG DIFFERENCE)

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Watering is the number one mistake made by new growers so don’t kick yourself. Yes on reflective walls it’s free light and I would add the other light drop them down to about 25inches and lower it a couple inches every few days until you get to about 16-18 inches keep it there until you start flower slowly lower them or let plants stretch to like 12-14 until done. You don’t want to make big changes because that causes shock even a little shock slows growth. Plus try to only change one thing at a time so if your plant reacts bad you’ll know why. Obviously this is my way here’s a link to explain better how and why

I just purchased the mars hydro 1000w and reflective wallpaper. Will update when it arrives

I adjusted it to 25” and added the 300watt light just now. Will monitor for light stress…

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