My plants are safe but I dropped my seedling face down and now it's not looking good

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

my plants are safe but I dropped my seedling face down and now it’s not looking good what can I do?

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How is she looking?
Stem leaning over? Add a bit of dirt around the bottom and/or a small stick or straw to support her til her legs back under.
Hurt leaves?


I agree with @PurpNGold74. As long as it only bent over and didn’t completely snap off, a little support and you can probably save it. My first grow, I placed a 2" tall seedling directly in front of a fan and it blew it down flat. A chopstick and a loop made from a twist tie stood it right back up and it ended up my best producer with the biggest stalk.

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If you dropped the plant face down…is the stem broken? Not so good.

If it is laying over, take a pipe cleaner run it into the ground and make a LOOSE loop around the seedling for support. It will give support.
Later on, you can move up to tomato stakes…and use pipe cleaners looped around the stalk to help the lady focus on growing leaf and flower instead of supportive stalk.

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