My Plants are re-vegging

Hi Everyone,
A couple of my plants seem to be re-vegging. Not sure what my next step is, do I leave it and they’ll start to flower again? These are greenhouse plants. Thx

@Dani420. Here’s a bit of info you might find interesting.

Hope it can give you some ideas. :wink::v::call_me_hand:

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@Dani420 Do you have pics? What changed in the light regimen? Did you move plants to different location?

They’ve been in the same spot since they were 8 inches tall. Here’s some pics

Are they Autos?

No, they’re clones

What light cycle was mother in and what was lighting like while rooting?

I don’t know, I bought them as seedlings. I kept them indoors with 12-14 hrs of light until they were strong enough to be put into my green house. And boy did they thrive, and still are but in a different direction. Will time and the nights getting longer correct this? Thx

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They should go back into flower when the light cycle is right again. For future reference, if you plan to transfer from indoors to out while there’s still more than 12 hours of natural daylight, you probably want to run your lights at least 14 hours a day to avoid flowering inside and then revegging when you put them out.

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Thank you, it makes sense but I wasn’t sure.

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They Where flowering when you put them outside and there was too much light to sustain flower, so they will reveg. kind of a pain but they will still produce…as long as they do not “Hermie”!

Actually, they were only 8 inches tall when I transplanted in cannibis friendly soil and they’ve been in my greenhouse since then back in may.

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Most Photoperiod seeds will start to flower(showing pistils) within1-2 weeks of 12 hour dark period but after probably a few days the plant starts to change its stage of growth! Lighting is about the most critical aspects of growing weed. All is not lost yet, let her do her thing and you might be amazed!

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Thank you. That makes me feel so much better. I’ll keep you all updated.

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The thing now is if it does not show signs of male flowers, so keep your eye on her and look for pollen sacs. Keep fingers crossed!
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