My plants are not increasing in size!

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m using unsulfer black strap molasses and bone meal mixed with natural spring water. They have a very nice smell and taste but I feel the size isn’t increasing how it should. Any ideas what u should add?

What strain? indica or sativa ?

what’s the ph of the spring water? what’s the ph of your run off ph factors hugely in nutrient availablitiy

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Let me add do you use cal-mag ? Nutrients you are using ? Know that Bud Candy and X Factor bring out taste,ect

Bud Swell powder mixed into soil, Bud Candy, Cal Mag. All will help flowering.

Generally molasses is used toward in the middle flower (weeks 3-4) and thru the “flush” Let plant dry out and use a "N’ based nutrient. are you using any other nutrients ?