My plants are not growing in veg very high

hi i am doing king kush from seed started 8 weeks ago they are still in veg and stand at 9 inch tall in 15 liter pots in coco my room temps are 26 with good air flow and humidity is 66 my ph is 5.7 i use a b and root execl i dont know why they are taking so long i have done seed b4 but they never took this long any ideas whats going on here please help i dont think am under feeding them or over its really strange please help

Know coco

First check your runoff ppm

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You’ll need to include ph runoff and ppm data as @bryan mentioned.
Also info on your lights as well as any other info and some pics in natural light will help with diagnostics.


My experience with coco and slow growth has to do with either out of range PH or over watering. They SAY you can’t over water in coco but I strongly disagree. Likely damping off the plants.

Do take a PH and PPM runoff to see what’s happening with your nutes.

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i am use [600w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp my ph is 5.7 sorry just check my ec pen is broke man waiting to borrow one i have been growing for about 3 years never come across this befour u see ill get some pics up later on am using 100 liter water but with 250ml or a and 250 ml of b which is canna and 30 mil of root excel my tent is 8 foot long by 4 foot wide and 8 foot high i am using 3 [600w Maxibright VariDrive Variable Ballast digi ones

why my plants curling at end now look crispy temps are fine at 26 degrees and lights are like 3 too 4 feet away from plants please help

whats is wrong with some of my plants leaves look crisp at ends now my temps fine they are at 26 degrees with 3 lights lights are about 3 to 4 feet away from plants could it be my bulbs

Doesn’t look light related. Really need to know your ppms. Looks like nitrogen claw but hard to tell under hps lighting

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i have no nitrogen in my in my tank this whats got me baffled bobby

should i flush the plants that have the claw