My plants are little shrubs.... should I be concerned

This is my first grow, and I think things are going great, but I have one question.
I’ll put the growing info at the bottom of this post. I’m growing Northern Lights-fem (NL) and White Widow-fem (WW). The NL’s were started about 4 weeks before the WW because the seeds came late. (not ILGM’s fault) I figured I could just keep the NL plants in veg mode until the WW are ready to veg and then switch to flowing light. This is week 6 after sprouting NL week 2 after sprouting WW. Plants are FAT and happy and have great color and the feel robust. The NL plants are 16" diameter and 11" tall. The WW (7" diameter, 5" tall) and look like they are showing the same growing pattern as the WW. So I guess my question is. My plants are little fat shrubs. They don’t look like the taller thinner looking plants I see online. Should I be concerned?
I’m in a 3 x 6 grow tent. 1500W 10" x 16" LED (draws 280 watts) 1800 lumens at the top of the NL plants. Good organic soil with NO added nutrients other that bat guano and worm casting. 3 gallon grow bags, 4" charcoal filtered vent fan. 1 - 8" circulation fan. Temp average 80, humidity average 40. (I live in a very dry climate) I’m feeding with flora nova grow at ~950 ppm for the NL and ~350 for the WW. 3 feedings with nutrients then 1 just filtered water.
Any shared wisdom with this Nube is greatly appreciated

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They will start out short & bushy then transform with main cola. Consider fim or topping them to get two or three nain colas.

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Great advise! Thank you. I’ll get a second light coming. I’ve included one photo. Do you think all my drooling on the plants helps or hurts?:sunglasses:

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Thank you, I really appreciate the response. question… I attached a photo to a different reply. if you look at that photo, do I fim each of the tops or just the main top?

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Drooling helps in my opinion. Top just main cola itll make two main colas, fim youlk have 3. This needs to be done before flowering.

I, personally, try to keep my pants short and bushy because my tent is only 63" tall. I scrogged my first grow and used LST on this one to control height.

The grow method I’m using now recommends keeping plants short because their theory is: shorter plants need less energy to get nutrients to the top of the plant. I don’t know if this is a proven theory but it seems to make sense.

Hope this helps. :sunglasses:

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Here are a couple link might be a good read for you
Otherwise your getting great help already
Giod job @Laurap @SilentHippie


thanks for responding! I’m feeling better about my first grow every day!

PERFECTO !! With all this great help, I can’t go wrong…right?