My plants are going outside in three days

I live on the western coast of Michigan a little south of Grand Rapids (USA). I am looking at temperatures not getting below 50º for the next 2 weeks and that will take us close to June. What do you guys think? Am I jumping the gun or good to go?

BTW - My plants 6 weeks old and very healthy.



I would wait until the end of May with the weather we have been having if going in the ground.

Well it snowed on the weekend. Freeze warning for tonight. 70’s by weekend.
Lows at nite are to low and unstable still jumping around to much. I would wait till after the 1st and che k night time lows.

you are jumping the gun

I’m growing outdoors for the first time. I think the temps are looking up starting Thursday and I’m going to put some autoflowers outside, but I’m growing them in containers and using a small pop-up greenhouse for a few weeks.

Hi Jeff,

If they are on a longer light cycle than current outdoor daylight cycle I would wait until 2 weeks prior to summer solstice the earliest.

If you put them out too early they will start to flower.

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I am in the same position as you with my Autos here in the western UK…but believe me, you will grow ok pot now outside as you intend to do, but if you wait until the first week of June to go exterior you will give yourself a good chance of growing GREAT pot .

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You guys have changed my mind. I am now going outside on the first of June (weather permitting).

Thanks everyone.


AAA. I had never thought about the shortened light cycle from going outside too early. Thanks for the knowledge.

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Hey there CadCaman. I am in Kzoo area. I had a plant getting too big for a mother so I cloned it and put it outside two days ago since I am not worried it if makes it. Got some cold damage, but it is chugging along.
It is too early for outdoors just yet. Your plan to wait til late May/June is best is you have the space to wait.

May 21-31 is average last frost date. MJ can handle some cold days and even a single frost.

my pleasure.

I’m from West Michigan and this is my first grow as well. Hope all went well with your transition outside.

I haven’t put them out yet because of some good advice from our friends on this forum. I am waiting until June 1.

How far along are you into your first grow?