My plants are droopy, and seem to be whithering

Hi everyone, i am a new grower, but i need so much help right now. I was gifted a sour diesel back in may, so i tried to keep it alive. No luck there, because the person who gave it to me knew nothing at all about it, but the strain. No date when planted, what it was fed, just nothing. So later on about 1 month later, when it was pretty much dead, i found out that it had root rot. Nowwww, i started my own just out of curiosity. Germinated some seeds i just got out of a bag. Out of about 25 seeds i saved, 19 germinated, 3 survived. (I am not good yet😉). Out of the 3, two was doing really well, looks like one is stunted… very very small. My concern now is, they are drooping, and seem to be whithering too. I planted these 2 on 8/22/19, and the lil one 8/30. I thought the 2 bigger ones was doing very well. Now im sooo hurt, because i cant figure out if they are dead, dying, or if i can help them at all.

I am growing indoors, i did create a small closet grow after all the others died. I have fans, humidifier, lights, grow bulbs, i am growing in soil, coco, perlite(mg perlite) my closet be at about 78 to 80 degrees, my humidity is always around 50-60. I took it outside 2 days in a row, but hot days. I purchased a meter that measures moisture, light, ph. My ph always reads around 7.5(is that bad?) I did not feed nutes right off bc i thought the mg soil was feeding it. Then i started seeing the tips was white, then yellowish, then brown, then yellow spotting, and was told it was thrips. I went and bought neem oil and spray for thrips. They still looked ok with a lil droop. The temp here 3 days ago went to 95, i always bring them in right before sunset. But 3 days ago when i checked on them, it looked like thrips like the people told me, so i sprayed the leaves, now they feel papery, dry and look bad. The shinyness is right when i sprayed, now looks like the shrunk, turning brown right at the top where the new growth is drooped bad.

I forgot to mention, 2 seeds germinated in the same pot so i left them, when checking the plant to separate and transplant to a bigger pot, i realized the roots were intertwined. So i left them, it seemed like i could not get them apart. I could not tell if i was over watering, under watering, needed nutes now, i do not know. One grew bigger and started to shade the other. Please i have noo idea whats wrong. I finally got a response back from a youtuber dispensary, they told me i needed to separate, check moisture, ph, light, etc. The meter showed my moisture was good, but still drooping. Once i brought them in, and separated them, i used all new soil, and checked the oil soil again for wetness and its showing dry… in the red. How though.? Im confused. Light was good and ph was 7 now. Drooping is bad, now whithering and looking like its dying. My profile pic is when i thought it was doing good. I took that 5 days ago.

Soo… can anybody help me out? Was it thrips, light burn, heat stress, under/over water? Now that they are separate, they look to be discoloring and feel papery. Do i need nutes now? My perlite is miracle grow and has built in nutes it says, but i mixed up my own soil, as i said earlier. Coco, mg perlite, and regular potting soil. I did that for the sake of compaction of the soil. Can you guys please check out the pics… any questions im ready. I did water them when i separated them this morn, 9/ 26/19 4am. Helpppp!!

pics may be mixed up, i just need help… i just checked them again. They are not looking good. One of them look like it shrunk more than earlier. It lookslike it is dying… :cry:. Can it be save please. Sorry its a long post, i do be rambling, i just like to be clear.

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Hello all, here are the pic explanations… sorry i talked so much. I do apologize, but i really want to get this in the bag, so if it do die, i can be ready for my seeds i will be ordering soon. I also abbrev, and text talk…sorry. 🤦 if you dont understand my lingo… please just tell me to break it down​:wink:, n i will. Thanks Kindly again… Here goes… [The first pic was taken today of the smaller one of the separated ones. And next to it, is the one i spoke of that i planted on 8/30 it seem stunted? I have no idea. The 2nd pic, i wanted somebody to look at the underside of that leaf, and tell me do it look deficient or anything wrong at all? 3rd pic, that is a leaf that broke off sitting on the light fixture, but do it look like thrip damage? 4th pic is the meter i have, showing that it says its moist/wet, but as i said when i took it out of the pot, it showed dry🤷. 5th pic, is the leaf i notice the spotting and was told i had thrips, is it that or os it nute issue, if so… which deficiency yal think it is? The next 2 pics were taken 3 or 4 days ago. The pic is of the 2 plants in one pot i spoke of, they looked good to me, they are shiny because, thats when i sprayed them down with insect stuff +neem oil for the thrips. Pic 8 is close up of the meter… Pic 9 is the plant i planted on 8/30, looks stalled or stunted. Is it? Pic 10 is a new pic i took this morning of the bigger of the 2 from the separation. Do you see the droop? Compare pics 6 and :seven:… its that same plant… looks bad right? Pic 11 is the smaller of the separation, which is now looking worse. Pic 12 is the lil one that jus wont grow. Do i give it nutes now? Its about 4wks old but so small. The other 2 are 4wks n 4days, but are much bigger. Please help me everybody, anybody. All advice, explanations are appreciated]

What is your watering schedule like? Plants are soaked at the time the pictures were taken. Are you letting the meter get to 1 or 2 before watering again? The ph on that meter is useless. Once you flip it to ph it probably goes right to 7. Need to get a digital ph meter. Even a $15 meter from amazon will be much more accurate. The cheaper ones do require more frequent calibration but are accurate if you keep up with it.

Hello Mr, Bobbydigital,
My water schedule was every 4 days, then they got bigger and kept needing more water, so i tried every 2 days, still felt dry to me, unless i dont know what to check for? that was finger/knuckle testing i was doing, and i then bought the meter on amazon, it was 12 buks, so a digital wil) be better? Yes i do water when the meter is about 2-5 maybe or right over in the red. My soil was not wet in any of those pics but the small one, bc i transplanted that one from a solo cup. I had sprayed them wit neem oil in the pics looking healthy. Now should i cut the yellowing leaves off…or just leave them. I think they r just dying…🤦🙏! Can they be saved at this point?the bigger one has stopped drooping a lil at the top faIMG_20190927_005654570|470x500

im not seeing new growth anymore. The meter was wrong, because i retested it when i transplanted, and the meter showed dry, badly on 1-2 on the meter. It looks like they are now turning yellow, the small one is trying to growa lil. Is it nute burn, lack of? When they were thriving, they was in mg soil… n again, i was told, that was bad. I have grow big now, when should i use it? Did the insecticide do it? Did separating make it worse, or give it time? Im so worried. I jus need low maintenance seeds to grow in doors. Do u know best strains.? I read up on sum. Anyhoo i been in my grow bible. Just reading.

New pics … please help me they are dying… At least on the bigger one… its no longer drooping… todaysics vs, yesterday.

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@mrcrabs @PurpNGold74 @elheffe702 @LoCoRock I’m no helper in this department but these might help…they look like they need food to me. Possible rootbound too. These guys are better at this so we’ll see what they say

A few things stand out. She looks stretchy, wanting more light. You might be able to lower your fixture to give them more intensity. What lighting are you using? How often are you watering? They look wet to me. At that age, you only need to give them a little bit of water at a time, and in a ring out around them. You don’t want to pour it right on the stem. This way, the roots will reach out for the water, rather than sitting in it. To be safe, go ahead and fill out a support ticket.

COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so; Or post
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  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed, autoflowering or photoperiod
  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night
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Woah… yea input overload! @Rureelaziam take a deep breath and relax… they are still alive so u can save em.

Like Jefe said… they look slightly overwatered. That meter isnt gonna do growing weed indoors any justice at all. Have to get a handle on watering at this age. Root system and stalk is VERY sensitive. When watering dont saturate the entire pot. Only pour where u believe roots have grown to… or just around the outside of the leaves.

MG perlite has burned many a new growers plants. Not that its unusable. Its just unforgiving. Especially to beginners.

The droop is most likely just a case of transplant shock. U seperated rootballs and more then likely tore a few roots of each. They dont like that and are showing u. Bit of time and they’ll lose the shocked look.

Fill out that support ticket. While i try to answer ur more specific questions


I thought I had scrolled to the top. I didn’t see all the info at the top, I apologize.


Also, welcome to ILGM, @Rureelaziam! We’ll get it figured out!


@Rureelaziam u r in good hands these guys r really good at what they do so relax and they will take good care of u and your plants


These are my bulbs… all grow light bulbs, the blue one makes it very hot, the other meter i just posted to see if that one is ok. Its reading too little.
Pic here . …

The droop happened before i transplanted them. Thats what made me separate, i thought one was over shadowing the other, and was advised to part them. Did you see all my pics? I posted one in the lime green fabric pot, that was of both plants in one pot. They did not start drooping and whithering until i sprayed that stuff for thrips. I also posted pics of a leaf and asked was that a sign of thrips, or any nute deficiency. I was actually told that twice. My first post was very detailed, about everything with pics to explain. I have been trying to respond, but i guess the moderators or admins wont let me? This is why my responses be so long. Since every one can post here regardless. I just dont know what to do. Another responder said they are not dead yet. And if im not mistaking, you said they look stretched, but they are not. I jusst cut all the leaves off that turned yellow, its 5 nodes. I ended up cutting off all the fan leaves accept the 2 at the top and they are whithering too. It was fine wed. Now its either at deaths door or dead waiting to just croak. ,Its very stressful😥. I dont give up, so until yal… the experts or experienced tell me that they are dead, i will hold off throwing them out. I been checking them hourly, since yesterday. How can i do a ticket, as you said? I dont see where to go🤦🤷😢 im sad and discouraged. Do anyone know a good site to purchase seeds or even plants?
My earlier response…(longwinded, sorry guys) i cant do contact us, i cant or dont know how to contact a moderator, you are listed under moderators. I will try, I feel hurt and offended, because i see many other threads same folk worded differently, but theirs are posted. I am stressed enough. I hate feeling like im bothering folk, because i need help forreal. It is no game, i am not seeking attention. I was just going to throw them out. And research before i germinate new ones. Progression is what my thread was about this afternoon, nobody never answered any of my questions, well i could not see the responses. So im just going to pull out now, Thanks. Appreciate the help, but i think they are gonners. What about meters to check nutes, ph, light, moisture, i have too, but no digital. I checked alot of sites and when u search, all that came up was the ones i have…


Sorry. I usually take the weekend’s away from here for my family… they are a handful to say the least. Let me look back over our discussions. Gimme 30 mins im pullin into work

Edit: ok took bit longer :joy::joy: do u have the info on ur bulbs? If the blue one makes it hot, u may wanna switch it for a cooler bulb… do u have temperature or humidity readings?

Also what did you spray ‘for thrips’

And again that meter wont help much. For wetness of the soil, the old reliable ‘knuckle test’ and ‘lifting the pot’ to gauge weight is all you really need. For ph/ppm monitoring. A digital meter is HIGHLY recommended. I own and love my Apera 20 for ph. And have a cheap chinese meter for tds readings


Im very apologetic, for not responding quickly.i have been a lil ill… Well my temp stays at about 78, it may push to 80 but i usually catch it, and just open the closet door it cools it back to the 76 i usually keep it at, my humidity stays around 50ish. I do have a cool mist humidifier. Yes the blue bulb shines white, it is surely a warm bulb. Its a plant gro light bulb, the red shine grow bulb is 9w led, the led red, white, yellow plant grow bulb is 9 watts too(its the green bottom clear top) bulb. The strip light is red and blue tones, says 12w. Then i have 2 plant grow lights, look like the fish tank lights, but i have grow lights in those. Equivlent to 75w but are 13 watts. I used something called Natria i got from a feed store where i live. And neem oil. I did put all that on my post. Maybe you did not read it all, it is rather long… sorry, :smirk:

I read it just pothead brain in the morning. N im following 100s of grows… honestly. Im not sure what caused ur droopage… maybe just a sad plant?

I keep scrolling back and forth looking at pics. Everyday they lookd to be freshly watered. If ur in soil, u could verywell be overwatering. Sorry if uve answered that already but how often do u water? At this stage… ive had plants go 4 days to a week between watering

Hi,!!! I thank you so much!! I thank everyone sooo much, i believe it was over watered, i sat it on my porch outside, i let it dry almost completely it perked back up :seedling:and the new growth started taking off on the bigger one. I put the two lil ones directly in the ground and now they are getting new growth too. :herb:They were all over watered.:wilted_flower: I thank God for this site and everybody on it, :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: so happy​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!! Seems it like being outside, so until it get cold, im going to leave it. Check it daily, but only water it 2-4 days. The knuckle check helped me know it was dry too. I was stressed!! Thanks again!!

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Lol simple fix. Happy u found out the problem! Always happy to help. And good news they like outside. Free light :+1:t5::+1:t5:

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New pics… its still alive!!!:clap: all of u, know yal stuff!! First time for me, so yes, i worry alot. You guys eased me big time. :fist_right::fist_left:I will keep you all posted on how they are doing, and if and when they harvest. I do have a few questions. I did cut alot of the fan leaves off, when i didnt know what was wrong, did that mess up the next stage? When do i switch to flower? Its just 5weeks one day. How long do they flower? Should i leave my potted one outside all night, and just allow it to recoupe? How often do i give the nutes? I have fox farms grow big, and i have seaweed& fish fert. ! I did just water all 3, with the grow big…i used my 1/2 gallon water sprayer on the in grounds, and i used a reg 16.9oz water bottle, i poured the water around the outside of the stalk, not directly on it, as advised. I also foliage sprayed (the potted)with reg spring water.PhotoGrid_1569956922677|500x500


Yesss i see they are doing so good outside. I just posted new pics and the stuff i sprayed for thrips, i think you asked or someone else. But do you think those 2 items are ok for future?

Good til buds start. U remember the brand?

Also ton of questions. Ill copy n paste n answer in a bit.

But outdoors, they will flower as the lighting hours continue to shorten. Where around are u located?