My plants all look like this, what is wrong?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“My plants all look like this, what is wrong??”

"Two of the plants are from the new bag of seeds, one is from the first bag of seeds, which is just about dead now.

  • Strain (type, bag seed): Northern lights, autoflower
  • Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: just transferred to pots that are made of organic material
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: N/A
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: I used a mix of mushroom compost and regular potting soil from home depot with some of the white pellets
  • Indoor or outdoor: Indoor
  • Light system, size?: 600w LED light, about 2.5 feet above the seedlings
  • Temps day, night: Keeping in the 65 to 80 deg range
  • Humidity day, night not sure but it’s not very humid or very dry
  • Ventilation system (yes/no, size): just a small fan
  • AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: no
  • Co2 (yes/no): no

I am about to germinate the final two seeds, I plan to use the small organic pots with mix of potting soil and mushroom compost and the white pellets. I just bought a CFL hanging lamp which I will keep around 4 inches from the seedling and use a water sprayer to keep the soil moist."

Hey i had the same problem ok u got fan pushin heat out wat about fresh air in get a fan to blow to wer you keep the babys it will get better it need co2

Also flash and repot

This is important to know brother.

Also, how much are you watering, your soil looks really wet from what I can tell


Looks like over watering to me like @TDubWilly said. I don’t think a little plant like that needs to have the entire pot of soil wet.

Could also be hot soil? I didn’t see what kind/brand of soil you are using.


Kinda does to me also, but I didn’t see any PH indications. We need to know if he is PHing or not


Yep. Can’t do anything without knowing PH of soil :thinking:

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We definitely need the ingredients of the soil you’re using. The mushroom compost is probably the issue. it’s probably a combination of hot soil and over watering. And as the others have said PH is very important. If you don’t have a PH meter yet. It’s a life saver. Try to get one asap.
I’ll be watching for more information


It kind of looks like a nute burn, but it should have not been, skip the mushroom compost next time, its a great additive to soil, but for more developed plants…
I know , all this excitement makes you want to give the plants the best, but in this case, less of the good stuff is better…
Anyway, less water, no nutes at all and patience until at least 3rd set of true leaves…
Good luck

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