My plant looks sick

Plant doesn’t look good Several brown spots. I had a bug issue so used captain jacks bug brew to get rid of them


are your leaves wet under lights? that will burn them. Best to spray at lights out. what did you spray them with? And what kinda bugs?

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They were aphids little white and brown bugs

Captain jack


that capn’s good stuff I hear. I have some but havent had to use it yet. Im a new grower. I would say dont get the leaves wet during lights on. And that could possibly be a little calcium deficiency going on. Do you know your water ppm going in? I think its burn from droplets. One of the more experienced growers will chime in like @Hellraiser or @Arrow . what do you think @Zee or @ash93 @BigHuff2316


Agreed with brother Jackie…seems like a lot of moist…:sunglasses::v:

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All I can do is repeat what I’ve hear. Don’t foliar feed with the lights on, it WILL burn your plants. But idk that is what’s going on here. I’ve heard twisted growth=look for bugs. But yes wait for hellraiser or someone who knows better.

My ppm says 39 but i thinks it’s wrong. And Yes I did spray Insecticide soap while lights were on.

Just like @Jackie_Daytona said it looks like droplet burns. Just monitor new growth and keep us posted

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Wanted to update you guys. Looks like she is fighting back had two new leaves that have grown and they don’t have any brown spots. She is weeping at the moment. I think it was because my humidifier was to high at almost 80% smh my wife sent me a pic while I was at work s/o to a/c infinity for that alarm on thermostat.

Have added any nutrients yet. We’re currently at day 23 from being in planted in FFOF.

I think I have a nutrient burn. I’m using Fox farm trio with cal mag. I used half of recommended dosage and I’ve feed twice since last Saturday. I’m currently on Week 5.