My plant is drying up

This is my first time growing my plant was doing wonderful driving flourishing looking beautiful now it is drying out and guys please help I just change the water on Wednesday this is the third week and I raise the PPM levels by 300 it was doing good still till Saturday I noticed the ph level was a little high and the water was 68degrese I raised the temp to 73 and dropped pH should I change ppm now too

Photos would help us a lot.


I agree, pics are need to see what’s going on

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I don’t have a picture of what it looks like today it will be soon it’s drying out more it looks worse

Here’s a picture before

Lets see the roots. They look like they were happy to a point, they look to be 3-4 nodes out.
If I were a betting man, I’d say they are not getting enough water, which is the smart ass reply to the title of this post. Hydroton pebbles look dry as a bone. Next lead is - what is your RH in there?

Is this and aeroponics, DWC, E&F, its not a top watering or at least I don’t see a drip line.

It is deep water culture definitely got enough water roots are nice and white it was thriving till Friday for some reason when I get home I think I’m going to do a flush and go back to 550 ppm

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Good plan, what did the PPM and Ph run to?
If RH is low in the tent those setups swing easily…Water evaporates or is taken up, EC rises and so does Ph.
No “set it and forget it” unless you are fed on a really big reservoir to buffer that change.

I’m getting mixed emotions here said it’s a good plan then said no set ot and forget it

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I got ph at 5.9 rn and ppm is at 850

I don’t understandstand the ec no explanation in any books I’ve read a few

Humidity I keep around 70% or lower

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Holy cow, ill try to answer all…let me know if i missed.
I meant, your plan to reduce the feed rate and rez change for them is a good idea. If it were me at that size, I’d be at 700ish (seedling feed) for a few days to see if I can get em going in the other direction.

5.9 and 850 isn’t bad really, you could top up with water and that’ll drop/dilute the PPM/EC.

PPM/EC are both a representation of mineral concentration of your feed solution EC is a universal conversion between the two scales (500 & 700)
The math looks like this.

  • ppm500 scale: 2.4EC x 500 = 1200ppm [500 scale]

    • (or 1200ppm / 500 = 2.4EC)
  • ppm700 scale: 2.4EC x 700 = 1680ppm [700 scale]

    • (or 1680ppm / 700 = 2.4EC)
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70%'s good at that size, the plants wont transpire much and the air wont evap your rez.

I see some weird supplemental lighting I’m unfamiliar with, what kind of OH light do you have?

Led lighting