My Plant has start budding


Hi Latewood,
I need some advise please I have a
Purple Kush Fem Auto
Hydroponic DWC
Nutrients are Technaflora
LED 7 Band 2.1 270W grow light
temp 73-78 degree
hunidity 76-82%
no Ventilation,
Yes AC and Humidifier
no Co2
My plant has started budding and I have changed the Nutrients to the flowering stage, I was also told to run the lights 24hrs. a day since it is budding instead of 12/12 what is correct or what do you suggest ?

Thanks a lot of all of your advise and help,

I think you have it backwards. Not as sure on autos, but 12/12 is for the flowering stage for all.

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It is defo 12/12 in flowering for photos but for autos i do believe they are made to grow with whichever light schedule they are on, i do also believe they should have some sort of dark period, i think many who are growing autos have them on 18/6 or 16/8 or 20/4

I am but a noob tho, lets see if we can find someone with auto experience… @Not2SureYet @MattyBear @FloridaSon may be able to help or atleast point you in the right direction :ok_hand:


I’ve grown autos on every light schedule there is. Best results I’ve had were under 12/12 or 16/8. All living things need time to rest and recover. Cannabis actually does most of its growing in the dark period, so if you’re blasting her with 24/0, she never gets a break.


I agree with @MattyBear here. I have tried a few settings and am on a 16/8 right now. What I think I have found with my lights is I can get away with a 12/12 early on through veg if I need. In flower. a little longer light schedule in flower seem to be helping me to get a little tighter buds. Don’t quote me on that though. I only have one grow before this to compare to. The 16/8 is working a little better for me over all though. And mine have really liked the dark time. That is when they seem to grow the most


There are just too many variables (like height of the light) to make any scientific judgement, but dark is needed. I think the best “boost” would be light intensity while it is on rather than the length of time that it is on.


Thanks a lot Whodat66, for the advise i will change it today.

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Thanks Not2SureYet,
a lot for your help

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Thank for all of the replies… I am not to good this or growing…lol…


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Love this answer, as I teach to veg at 16/8

Autos can be grown at any photo period; However, I have found 24/0 not to work as well as some growers outdoors and they are under the Sun at 14/10 to 12/12 from here on out this season.

Another thing I noticed is that your are severely under lighting the plants. That spindly look is directly due to inadequate lighting. In life as in growing; You get what you pay for. Please pay for better lighting :slight_smile: Peace, lw

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thanks a lot Wildwest its my first auto flowering and DWC and LED lights.
I agree I would think it needs a dark period also. But my Son and a friend of his that was a grower in MI. told me to run the light 24 hours. I will change it back today.

thanks a lot again Wildwest


Thank you Latewood i just purchased a new light last week should i get another one ? its a LED 7 band 2.1 270W grow light ? I also have another LED lights (Veg). along with two 65W bulbs.and natural light from our tubs window.

thanks, Slowhand420

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Careful with the window as well, especially if you grow a regular feminized plant. Best to have 100% control of the light, whatever you choose to light with (and dark with :wink: )

Sorry I was late for the tag, but you have already gotten great answers.

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