My plant has seeds

I have 2 plants I grew from seed . There 3 ft and 1 week in bud. 1 plant has a few seeds now and the other has none but starting to bud. Do I remove seed plant or is it to late?
Just noticed the seeds today

One of your ladies hermie?

Let’s see a pic of said plant… :wink:


Post a pic of the suspect taken in white light.

No white light

I picked all the “seeds” off. Cant see. I’m growing it anyway

Show us what you removed in natural light? Because that picture is not helpful.

throw it out NOW.!!!
it is a male plant, those seeds that u picked off r pollen sacs,
the sacks will return in a matter of a few days and they will have many many more sacks,
if u do not remove it now your female will get seeded.!

I’m just growing them anyway. The pollen snacks aren’t coming back as you say so we’ll just see what happens

Throw it out, it will eventually get to the female and cause a decrease in THC and yield