My plant got snapped!


My gf ripped the top of my seedling off trying to piss me off. It still has a base and root system will it be okay?


Does it still have any leaves?





It doesn’t sound like it will survive.

A pic might help, but if it doesn’t have any green growth above ground anymore, it probably won’t survive, especially if it really is only a seedling, not just a really small young plant.



Uploading… here it is


try again, give it a little more time to really fully upload.



the picture upload didn’t work, you need to watch the “add an image” box to see that your photo actually completed the upload before you then click the “upload” button.



working on uploading



Yeah, sorry, that is not going to survive.



Oh no that blows!


Sad day :disappointed: That wasn’t your only baby was it?


I would grow a new girlfriend


In all seriousness I always thought it was a red flag when a girlfriend would destroy property or hurt pets/plants just to hurt you. Good luck man. Keep growing.


I wii pray for you and your girl R.I.P