My plant branches are drooping on one of my plants

Why is this happening to this plaNt is it 2 hot for it? The branches are flopped down and now im scared. I moved it into a spot with less sun. All my other plants are fine. Could it be from topping and the branch not able to hold it up maybe? Any help would be appreciated i watered 3 days ago and it rained on them Alittle yesterday.

Idk what to do.


Soldier on. Most likely heat. Been a tough summer. Looks like getting better. A little shade hottest part of day and diligence in watering.


It’s been like that with mine from the heat. Try to keep them partially shaded just like that from 4-7pm (hottest part of day).


We got to 106 a few weeks ago. If it’s over 102, I pull a sunshade over them… otherwise, I think they love the sun :wink: