My pineapple haze

So my pineapple haze has been growing for awhile now, the trics are starting to turn amber, when should i start the flush time?

Now if you intend to flush depending on your system usually at about 5-10% amber since your ladies may only have a week left before harvest

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Im growing in dwc,just starting to see on a few flowers

Ok are you saying the hairs are changing or the trics? if you wish to flush in hydro anything more than a day should work depending on how heavily you have been feeding them

The trics are,i have a 60 power loop to watch. I have been feeding pretty heavy

then you could start a flush anytime now if you wanted could add a sweetener or flushing agent or wean down on the nutes until last few days then do straight ph’d water

I have a flushing agent,how long should that take? Normally

Read the bottle each is different so there is no normal :wink: