My pest control

This little guy has been living in my medicinal garden for the past two weeks. I’m thinking of ordering an egg case from Arbico organics next spring so I’ll have a good population going.


Sweet that is cool


Mantis are great predators.


Yep that’s a role model for any hunters…if he doesn’t kill he doesn’t eat…now that’s pressure lol


He’s doing a great job! I haven’t seen any pests on my girls :smile:

Just found out we ( :canada: ) can buy praying mantis eggs here at local hardware store…the orange “home” one.
US can buy ladybugs tho…we don’t have those.
May get some just to grow…lol

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Have you tried looking on Arbico Organics? I did not see Canada as a place they would not ship to. You can buy 1500 for $13 up to 70,000 for $125. If you want to take a look the website is They sell all kinds of beneficial insects and organic growing supplies :).

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