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ah well good luck on it. I will watch how it goes.

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I got my water test meters in today. PH is a tricky number to reach. It don’t take much to go down but going up takes a bit more. My filtered water turns out to be 7.2 PH.

So now I know I was close and in the ball park with what I have given my plants. I was dropping PH to between 5.5 and 5.0 on the waterings I have given my plants. I don’t know if that has been what affected the growth.

I can report though that they have grown over an inch in two days though. That is in just height. But what I like even more are the branches that are forming on the lower stalk. I think these could be wonderful new tops to play with in the future. I just got to keep them growing.


I woke up early today to find no gain in height but some branches are beginning to stretch on Deb.

Meg put in some height gain and strengthening of the main stem.

But they do look great. They are very healthy. None of the leaves show any signs of any lack of food or water. No sign of burns or lighting problems either. I gave them both a good drink of PH’d water with a does of Cal-Mag and Si. I have been putting both in my watering. It raises the PH in my filtered water from 7.2 to 8.3. I verified that with my new test meter. I will be able to dial it in in tighter with PH down but… running at 5.5 PH isn’t bad in soil. The PH in the soil is still high since I have not done a flush or anything on the organic soil I used.


So does this look like a good LST move on these two?


@Amjk this is my journal

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I’m also only a begginner I have 4 GDP ladies in week 5 from light switch looking good but starting the Maui waui seeds off tonight along with some WW. This forum is awesome Iv learnt so much and still learning every day.


That some good LST @Oldsoldier1976

I did some major training today myself


That looks like great LST work!

Looking great @Oldsoldier1976 love the LST! Hope my journey with MW is as smooth as yours, il be watching :slight_smile:

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@imSICKkid hey there! If you have a journal I’d love to tag along, just geeking some WW and MW seeds atm

I am not so sure this is a smooth grow @Amjk, but it has been moving along. I was worried some about growth but the two girls look so healthy that I just keep my fingers crossed that they continue.

I looked at them this morning and low and behold they seem to be stretching properly. Deb’s main stem was actually angling up towards the light even though it was bent to be going away from the light. I used another pin to take up that stretch to keep it staying low so that my canopy will stay low.

I will be away for 3 days so Saturday I plan on doing a full water of both plants. I am hoping that they will be okay. Thanks for all who have looked at my journal. This is a lot of fun.


This is an outside the tent photo shoot of my girls Deb and Meg.

This is Meg the Maui. She looks very healthy and I think the LST will be good for her yield.


This is Deb the Durban Poison. She is a week older than Meg and really beginning to sprout branches to beat the band. I think this plant if it flowers properly will give be a bigger yield than Meg but… I am so ready for a hit of Maui.


I’m loving your grow journal! I’m on my first too and I can see the same nervousness and excitement in your posts. Let me guess, you’re checking them constantly throughout the day too? :smile:

Good luck! I’m looking forward to following your grow.

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@auroraborealis202 yeah all day so they never get over heated or too much humidity for too long. I started off badly totally unprepared and completely in the dark about it. I am retired. I go to the gym and golf during the summer. I also have a nice vegetable garden and trying to recover a messy lawn. So this will be fun to break up all of that other stuff.



Is there an attatchment

@Stoney1 You asked me to tag you in my journal grow.

Today I will be doing a full soaking watering. The pots are light though the moisture meter puts the moisture at the bottom of the happy range for the roots. The plants still look great. I took a couple of twisted or otherwise corrupted leaves off the lower part of the plant. I put a couple of more LST points for the Durban.

I am doing that because I am heading out for a couple of days. I am not feeding. Just adding Cal-Mag and Si and PH’d to 6. The last watering I gave them was two days ago but only a quart split between the two. My plan is to soak these roots to see what my run off looks like. It will be the very first time I take a reading of anything coming from pots. I didn’t have a TDS meter until recently. That has been why I had not done any feeding on this plant. Somehow I think I will not need to be fed additional nutes until flower I guess. Since this is my first grow I will defer to what you guys think if I run into an issue.

They both still look great albeit a little short. It probably had a lot to do with my PH level as I didn’t actually have a good handle on that until now.

Somehow my PH meter got bent so I replaced it.


Follow up on this morning’s post. Watered both plants with 2 gallons of 6.0 PH’d water with Cal-Mag and Si. I put a tub under the pots to gather the runoff. I tested the PH and found it to be 5.5 on both of them. I am betting that the above former PH meter had me put too much PH lower into my watering of the two ladies. This may have accounted for much of my slow growth. No nutrient burning but just not pulling all the nutrients into the plant from the roots.

I am probably about to see some crazy growth when I get back from Maine. I am visiting family up there and won’t be back until Tuesday evening. I won’t even be able to see it until late day and no pictures until evening.

But I do have one more evening before I drive up north. Maybe there will be some very fine growth leaves. Either way I am excited that I now have a better handle on the PH of my babies. I don’t know what to make of my TDS meter but… I have time to worry about that. I think what I will need to use it for is the end of the flower cycle.


I don’t think that will have caused too much harm, if you want your girls to stretch maybe try raising your light a little?