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Have you tried having the exhaust from tent exit into the same room the tent is in to keep the humidity it evacuates in the room and keep a lower vent or two open on the opposite side of the exhaust? If heat isn’t a problem than this way your not removing the humidity from the room and will recycle back in through the lower passive vents. Just a thought anyway.


It is. I am not exhausting it out. It is in my private residence and no neighbors to be concerned about nor am I concerned about weed smell or humidity. The tent is in my basement which will maintain a nice 75 to 85 degrees even on the hottest of days. The vent just terminates at the wall and ending just opened. Actually the tent seems to keep it in easily. It is hard to maintain it consistently when you introduce a large quantity of water when feeding and watering. I also do not use the exhaust vent yet so when I do it will be during flower.


I made a change this morning. I woke and found my plants happy and smiling so I decided that @monkman current lighting schedule was a good one to run for the next 4 weeks. I had been running on a 17/7 schedule. This morning I put the girls on a 6/2 lighting schedule. Since reading about that Monk I have learned a lot. Then after having done some clearing of leaves that were stressed out and setting up my scrog net I felt it was time for a change. The plants have been doing well though they could be a bit taller I am still pleased with their growth thus far.

Here are some pictures of how the net is situated. The Durban on the right should fill more than half of the net. I just hope that the Maui will get herself up far enough for the net to have some play. I have a second net to install if I need to keep the flowers upright.


As a reminder the tent is a 4’x4’ grow space but with these two I believe I am only going to use a 2x4 area.

This is my very first time growing cannabis. I am nervous as a father in the waiting room. I think the grow is going as it should though I have seen some of the weed grown by others here and I would put myself into the doing pretty good category.

I also see that Maui growers find it challenging as well with having similar growth to mine. I do think it has to do with this strain. A little bit of research on my part has found that the soil it likes is sandier than the soil I have. This is the type that tomatoes love to grow in. I might have put a bit more perlite in it and that could have helped I believe. I am considering doing bubbleponics for the next grow and I have 3 more Maui seeds to do that with. Maybe I will put one outside but I hear Maui struggles mightily here with the weather. She really likes the warm humid air. In fact I think she probably would love to live in an 82 degree tent with 79% RH. I have been to Hawaii and I think that was the temperature and humidity 24/7, LOL

Thanks for all the comments so far. You have helped me keep my focus on it. I learned so much from you all here and just reading other sources. So far a strange trip indeed.

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I have never done a scrog, so take this with a grain of salt.

Your net openings look too big. It seems like 1-2” is the sweet spot.

You might want to consider separate nets for each plant. If you need to remove a plant separate from the other, etc. it will help.

Looking great so far!

@TDubWilly and I have been having a discussion to continually feed nutrients to the base similar to the bubbleponics. There may be significant advantage:
Does a dwc have to stay running 24/7 or can it also be on a 18/6 schedule also? starting at post 11

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Thank you @WickedAle for that thread. I will join in that discussion as I will be growing that way next and I have some ideas that I want to toss out. Things that I think could make things easier.

@AAA thanks I think so as well as the openings are 4 inches square I think. They will really only come into play to maybe hold the flower stalks standing straight up. I am not going to have a long veg time left so the scrog net will just be there for the heavy flowers I hope to have. I will probably slide the netting up as the plants grow to support the stems. I only got it because it was not a lot more to add to my already growing inventory of Items bought to just grow pot and I saw that people used them or something like it. LOL

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May your colas need the support!


@Oldsoldier1976 I read too about Maui liking more drainage so I added quite a high ratio of perlite, it’s to do with the volcanic souls/volcanic matter in the souls they grow in. Iv also read they like to go very dry between waterings and lots of light feeds rather than heavier feeds. :v:t2:

If it helps here are the notes on the research I did for the strain… Sativa 80% hybrid

20%thc 0.20cbd

Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, headaches

9-11 weeks flower

75-85f up to 95 with co2


Can handle high humidity

High perlite soil

Regular Light feedings

LST tying Wrap a tie around the top of the plant, pull it over until it is bent to at least a 90-degree angle, and attach this part of the plant to the main stem which is lower on the plant.Keep the branches in this position for an entire week. When you get this right, your Maui Wowie plants will grow bushy and take up less vertical space. It is an ideal technique for growers with a small amount of vertical space to work with.

80inches upwards

Easy to moderate

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@Amjk thank you some of that I saw said elsewhere. I will try to pull up that info again. This strain has such a reputation. I hope this will turn out well

Glad to help @Oldsoldier1976 why not bookmark it then you can find it easily next time?

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Then I would have to look through my entire bookmark list. Trouble is I don’t know which device I was reading it on and how long ago. I have 2 desktops (mine) an iPad and an iPhone. The next time I grow the Maui’s I will be using DWC. I think I will do two at once. It just depends on what tote or buckets I get for the tent. I haven’t decided on how that set-up is going to be.

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I think your brave I think il master soil before I step into that world.

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I thought the same until I did a lot more reading. If I were not so far into this grow I would have already started that @Amjk. I am very flexible by nature on this. Just now my wife and I were discussing changing our trip to South Korea. She asked me what I thought about going to Korea once the boys are out of school here (we take care of some nephews from Korea going to private schools here). Right now I have my plan on putting these girls to flower in a month and they would be in the middle of flower when we would be leaving on the change. You might find this unnerving but I would just bring these girls outside and they would become an outdoor grow. If I lost them I would not cry either because I know I can always grow more. It hasn’t been decided but she is thinking about it. I am also being very honest too. Yes I paid for the seeds and if I didn’t get any from it I would be sad but I would live. The money is peanuts in my mind. For me it is the 39 years we have been married and the 42 years I have known her.


Congratulations on finding lifelong love you look happy!!! I am really enjoying the grow I would feel bad too if seed did not produce but what can you do about that I’m just happy happy happy to watch it grow grow grow


Aw that’s so lovely @Oldsoldier1976!! :heart:
Iv just been reading on cannabis and it mentioned how calcium deficiency can stunt growth in cannabis plants without showing any obvious symptoms. Are you giving your Maui cal mag?


LOL thanks. You might not believe this but I met her on a blind date. We married 3.5 years later.

I doubt that I would lose the entire harvest. If we went on our trip it would only be for a couple of months and we would be back in time for the harvest provided that mother nature cooperated and provided a regular stream of water during the summer.


Well you gotta do what you gotta do! Like you said if it goes bad you can start again on your return :v:t2:

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Yes with every water and feed I have done. I think it is my heavy soil. I don’t think I used enough perlite for her. The other plant likes the soil or at least is tolerating it.

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