My perpetual grow journal

That’s what I meant, timing the flush with the harvest date. Either way I judge by trichomes and or the health of the plant. So in reality your right, it doesn’t really make a difference. Lol.

So I’m leaning a little toward the LED lights and or their positioning that is having a big effect on the discoloration in the leaves.

If you can’t tell from the pictures, it looks like the discoloration is concentrated mostly in the area that is getting direct light on both sides. In this tent I angled the lights in toward the canopy to see if that would increase yield/decrease popcorn buds. Seems it may have worked against one, or both, but maybe burning the leaves in the process? Bad idea to dim the lights a bit more? They are dimmed to 75% now.

Lower leaves look ok other than a little tip burn.

What’s your DLI?

I think you have a salt build up with that type of ppm and that’s causing lock out, I would flush it and fully feed it a fresh feed.

I’m not sure, but I imagine it would be worth determining.

Blue dream 1 got watered with ph 6.0 water, 2 gallons.

Blue dream 3 is looking frosty, getting some foxtailing, but still looking bulky, and colorful.

Trichomes developing well


Outdoor Black betty update. She got watered 2 gallons. Seems like she is bulking up a little, still seems quite a bit behind the other girls, so I have a feeling she will be the last to harvest.


All three girls got fed yesterday. Bloom A and B, B52, overdrive, and cal mag plus.

Blue Dream 1

Blue Dream 3

I think this is going to be the last feeding for the Blue Dream girls. They will be flushed from here until harvest. Not sure about Black Betty though, thinking she will need more time, so I will probably feed her for another week or 2.


Well, heavy rain/thunderstorms and wind…

This could have been worse if my yard wasn’t surrounded by trees that block the wind for the most part. I used a plant tie to hold the split together while I squeezed it. Hope she recovers. Any recommendations for after split care, are welcome

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Aloe or organic honey in the wound. Helps healing and plugs from bugs are pathogens.

Sorry… that hurts to look at. I bet she’ll be fine


Yea, fortunately I had supports in place that caught it before it split further. Thanks for the advice, I figured aloe would be one of the fixes.

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Blue Dream 3 got watered ph 6.0 tap water

Blue dream 1

Black Betty outside got a bit of defoliation to try helping air flow a bit and try getting more light to the lower branches. Found 2 mid to low branch buds that had rot in/on them. I cut the buds off and tossed them. We got some really heavy rain at the end of the week last week, so I’m assuming that’s where it came from. Also put some raw honey in the split wound as per @Underthestairs although that’s as close as I had to “organic honey” so hopefully it still helps.


She’s still looks great. At least that’ll stop rain and bugs from getting deep into her


Black Betty update: Well I cut out a handful of bud rot, and unfortunately some of it was on a stem. So the whole top got cut under the rot, cut the bad bud off and drying the rest. I watered her with ph 5.9 tap water. Not sure how much longer this one is going to take/last without more issues.

Buds I kept

Blue dream 1 got watered too, and got some yellowed leaves removed. Getting close. Going to start the flush next watering with flawless finish.

Blue dream 3 got flushed with 8ml/gal flawless finish ph’d to 6.0. Flushed with 2 gallons ~.5 gallon runoff.

Lower branch getting weight

Lower bud closeup


Gorgeous looking plants!


Thank you

Well, I have a feeling Black Betty will be getting chopped tomorrow. We are getting downpours, and it is weighing the girl down, she is bent right over. I don’t have a solution that can be implemented either so 🤷

So, got another spot of rot after the rain last night. Going to start chopping and washing the middle colas first, get them hung l, then potentially leave the others to mature a but more. I’m going to attempt @Arrow bud washing recipe as close as I can get. I have 3 buckets, going to put 10l in the first with h2o2. The second bucket will be water/lemon juice, third bucket will be cold water. I don’t have anymore buckets.


The rain and humidity have been murder here also. WPM and rot that I’m spraying for every couple days…

Good luck with it

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another reason im hesitant to grow outside. gonna give her one more try next summer.


good luck brother …its coming around to my side again…rain forecast for this week… :sunglasses: :v:

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