My perpetual grow journal

The pump I’m using is a Booster pump that I believe is made for RO systems, and systems that need a pressure boost during high demand. It is a 24v pump and was run almost through my whole grow last run at 3 seconds on, 5 minutes off. It does wear on the pump of course, but I have yet to see the lifespan of it.

With the aeroponics. The whole goal is to mist the roots just enough to feed them, but not enough to form large droplets. The smaller the droplets, the easier and faster the roots can absorb it. The next goal, is to mist the roots again just before they “dry out”. This allows them to have immediate access to oxygen and nutrients all the time. If done right, it should increase the speed of growth, and yield once the cycle times and nutes are dialed in.

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I’ve looked at aeroponics just enough to know that it’s incredible, and more setup than I want to deal with. I’m excited to watch the results.

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Brave not using a root cube of any kind.

Res temps need to be between 66 and 68°F. Any hotter than that and you run serious risk of growing algae or other bad nasties, especially if you’ve got light seeping in places you aren’t aware of.

I also highly recommend you paint the top of your bin white with some spray paint before you get plants established in that setup. The black is both a huge light waste and a giant invitation for difficulty managing your res temps.

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That’s the goal. I have Rockwool, but I want to try growing seed to harvest in this system without anything but clay pebbles. I was thinking that the root system getting immediate access to the misting, might be beneficial to it. It’s an experiment. We shall see :eyes:

I’ve been trying to find a solution for that. I don’t want paint flaking off, that’s why I used rubber undercoat to blacken it. Contemplating using some white foam that can be removed as needed. I wanted to see if the black lid would be needed for temperature reasons, but I dont think it will.



I used white spray paint. It’s been fine on my tote lid because I painted it matte black first. The lids I just hit with plain white definitely scrape off easier. :grimacing:

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I have a spare lid that I may test some spray paint that is made for plastics. This is what I had laying around, so it needed to work for the time being. I never have high confidence in painting plastics that are flexible. But I think with the proper prep and paint, it should work.

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Forgive the fact that it’s generally a disaster because I use it like a table right now. But yeah it has held up well with the proper prep, as you say.

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A little update, it’s super cold :cold_face: ~-3-5°F outside. Tent isn’t getting above 65. I added a space heater set at 73 on on my stand so it blows above the totes, and shut off my intake fan for now. I put a “desk fan” 10" on the floor of the tent in front of the intake to try helping circulation
as well. I set my exhaust fan down to speed 2(~130 CFM) with passive intake now. I am thinking, and confirmed that by slowing down the exhaust to a “minimum” I can conserve heat to help with germination. The little one is pushing through still. Almost avove the clay pebbles now. Resevoir temps are around 65°, and I will continue to monitor for changes. I’m hoping that once established and some true leaves have grown, I won’t need the heater anymore. I am concerned that the growth won’t be as good without it, but we will see when the time comes.

Seems like the heater is helping the little one. I also adjusted the timer to 2min on 2min off.

I reduced the timer to 1min on, 2min off. I changed out the foam insert now that it is above the cup. I’m not sure when to remove the “humidity dome”, but I figure maybe 1 more day and I’ll add the humidifier, and remove the dome.

Resevoir temp is 65.8 without a cooler or anything. EC is at 798. It seems to be doing fine. Roots are starting to branch out in the clay pebbles. I turned the light back down to minimum now that it has leaves. Light is hanging roughly 16 inches above the tote.

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Well, got the apera ph20. Got it calibrated and tested the resevoir. Ph was 7.6. I added 4ml ph down that night, checked it the next night, and it was down to 7.0. Added another 4ml ph, and it came down to 6.0 later that night.
Added the humidifier set at 65%. Also took the jar off, and am using the germinating tray cover for a dome now. No pics tonight, but the root is hanging out the bottom of the net pot by about 2 inches.

Sounds like it’s going well so far!

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So, leaves are still curling down. Light is dimmed as far down as possible. I had it at 18", I just raised it to about 36" to see if that helps. I’m assuming the curling is due to too much light. On the other hand, I have yet to grow a seedling in the aeroponics so that might be normal until the roots develop? Idk. Ph was 6.3, up from 6.0 2 days ago. Will be changing reservoir as well. The leaves also look a bit bumpy like overwatering, so u also adjusted the timer down to 10 sec on 4 minutes off. We shall see