My perpetual grow journal ( a lot you can do with a home office)

So I am officially making a little journal here and am going to go ahead and tag the people who participate in my threads, thank you to everyone who does and welcome to anyone who wishes to participate.
Us New Yorkers don’t really have the luxury of space so we have to work with what we have. I would say we’re pretty good at it. Some more than others…
Now I managed to turn a home office into a perpetual grow space. What was once a home office that really was just used for storage in a 1 bedroom / 1 office Brooklyn apartment is now the housing for a 4x4 veg tent and a 5x5 flower tent. Before just installing the 4x4 I used a 2x4 and the 5x5 but the 2x4 was not big enough for a veg tent so I just grew everything on the same schedule last run until I could do the upgrade. Now I have the upgrade and am ready to go. I will be posting pics of my progress and to have community discussions so please let me know what you think.


6 plants in veg tent. 2 manderin cookies, regular; 1 end game feminized , 1 green crack feminized, 1 Tropicana cookies feminized, 1 gold leaf feminized


Flower tent all feminized, 1 gold leaf , 3 Tropicana cookies, 3 end game r2. Flower tent is about 5 weeks in flower. I flipped them on 11-25/22


I feed everything jacks daily with silica


The flowering girls get some koolbloom as well. I give recharge to all plants one x weekly


I grow in coco with perlite 70/30 mix but I’m looking to change that for next run. I’m thinking of mixing myself a 90/10 ratio or maybe even going full coco without perlite. I know @BigCat420 does this. Does anyone else use straight coco without perlite? I only water once a day so I really want something that will retain moisture in between feedings as it is it’s bone dry in between 24 hr feeding in 3 gallon grow bags.


I’m also straight Coco :metal:

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Ok so maybe I’ll start using straight coco as well.

I’m also struggling with humidity in my veg tent. Currently I have a 70 pint dehumidifier in my flower tent and was hoping I could get away with no dehumidifier In the veg tent. My rh in my veg is hovering at 78 rh. Am I gonna have to get a 2nd dehumidifier for the veg tent?

@BigCat420 do you use a dehumidifier in your veg tent?

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Have you used coco loco?

I was expecting spreadsheets, graphs and charts and…
Hanging out anyway…
Are you the most popular person in the complex?

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I don’t understand

I used to use mother earth 70/30 perilite mix. Only reason for switching to pure coco coir is the price difference of canna dehydrated coco bricks vs rehydrated coco coir/ perilite mix. Before i was spending about $42 for a 10lb bag now the price has went up to about $58 for a 10lb bag and i can get way more uses from my canna coco bricks vs the perilite mix. Not only that i read somewhere in hellraisers post that the perilite dust isnt good to breathe in and its just not worthwhile to mess with. I do use a dehumidifier in my veg tent. Funny you say that because before these temp swings i wasnt using it but here lately ive had it on a seperate timer to come on at lights off to deal with humidity issues. My veg tent doesnt have an ac unit in it so its harder to keep my humidity where id like it without my temps in the mid 80s

I’m so pissed cause I thought I’d get away with no dehumidifier in the veg tent. My humidity’s almost at 80rh. Can I just leave it since it’s a veg tent and I don’t really have to worry about bud rot or mold?

Is this the one you use @BigCat420 ?

Another reason I really would like to go without a dehumidifier In the veg tent is I’m running tbe hell out of my electric. I’ve had to run an extension chord from the kitchen just to stop the breaker from flipping.

I’m really giving her all she got. I’m just worried what I’m gonna do when I have to bring the ac back for the summer time

@dbrn32 what are your thoughts? My chart i refer to says you’d want to be around 84 degrees to justify humidity of 80% or more. Me personally i don’t ever like seeing my humidity over 70% but i guess this also ties into the question i just asked dbrn on another post lol. Ive had WPM before and ever since then i much prefer running my rh lower than higher. I dont think its a good idea having your humidity that high even in veg. I would add a dehumidifier if possible or try and run your temps a bit lower to drop the humidity. Keep in mind if you put that in the tent your gonna see temps raise 3-6 degrees. I run a bigger dehumidifier so im typically on the high end of that range when its on


This is what i use for my grow medium. I rehydrate it with jacks 321 full strength and a heavy dosage of cal-mag
Canna Coco Brick 40L Expandable Natural Plant Medium Soil Substrate, 40 Liter Expanded - 8 Liter Dry, Reusable (4)