My Penthouse Girls. (No, not that Penthouse)

I looked at our extended forecast today and everything looked right to begin outdoors. No big rains or temps below 40f.

This summer I’m growing 2 new to me strains. LSD (from ILGM) and Zkittlez. Hopefully they do well against WPM and Bud rot in the fall. Fingers crossed.

I grow outdoors in 30 gallon fabric containers. They’re raised off the deck with 32” cut sections of pvc pipe. The deck is 30’+ off the ground. Away from prying eyes.

That’s a teeeeeeny 3 gal pot sitting in front.
It takes a lot of soil to fill those pots. 6 bags of 1.5 cf Fox farms ocean forest. I haven’t added anything to the soil, it’s just as it comes.

To the left is the LSD , and to the right is the Zkittlez They’re both about a month old.

I like to pour the soil in about 1/2 way full, then place a container of the same size I have the plants in, then pour more soil in while loosely compacting it around. Then I pull out the empty container, add mykos, and drop the new plants in the hole I made.

Before adding the mykos I wet the soil in the hole.

I liberally pour mykos in the bottom and sides of the hole. I also mist the roots of the plant after pulling it from the plastic pot, and then pour mykos directly on the roots before dropping it in the hole. Sorry no pic of that, I’d need 3 hands.

Transplant complete. Girls are in their final homes.

I do use tomato cages for the first month or so. It gets pretty windy up there, and the cages help them keep from bending too much.

Also joining them for the next 6-8 weeks is a Strawberry Cheesecake auto.

Thanks for watching. It’ll be October before I know it.


Very nice and good luck out there :+1:


Pretty pretty! Mind if I tag along?


Thank you.
My only real problems the past few years have been bud rot and wpm.

I do have a clear roof that I’ll be putting up once we get into August. That’ll keep the rain off, but it does get cold, rainy and miserable for weeks sometimes in the fall.

I have a few new things I’ll be trying to keep the rot away. Most of it foliar based.


Please. I need some harassment… I mean encouragement.


Those :point_up: and for some reason last year it seemed like a lot of outdoor growers got hit bad by caterpillars.


I’ve been lucky with that.

Part is my elevation from the ground. I’m also a liberal neem user during veg. My pest issues have always been minimal outdoors.

But that dam bud rot seems to get me every year.



I chose to grow LSD in my grow this year because it’s supposed to be pretty hearty and resistant, so hopefully that’s the case and you have a successful grow! Set to watching. :v:


Tagging along to learn some things!

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Following along on this one!


looks interesting…mind if I watch?

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I encourage it.

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I’ll tag along on this ride. Really like your detailed description. I’d do it the same way.
Been using MYKOS WP for awhile, like you, the stuff is great!
Anyway, I’ll be here lurking.

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Im a first time grower of outside weed as well as vegetables. Wpm destroyed my zucchini, cucumbers and is currently invading my pan squash,pumpkin and basket gourds. Hellraiser suggested that I preventatively spray my cannabis with Neem oil one week, and Azamax the next and keep alternating. Im trying to think positive, altho nothing I used on my vegetables was successful against the mildew! Bud rot-- I havent thought that far! Is that a Calcium deficiency issue? Or does the humidity play a role?
Anyway, Im looking forward to watching ur grow and learning from u. :grin:


I’ll be watching!! Makes me want to set up outside!!


Great plan ! set the watch I’ve been growing lettuce on the front deck to keep the deer from eating it.

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I love free sunshine


6 days later.

The girls seem to be enjoying their new homes. They’ve had a good growth spurt, and the weather has been perfect; light breezes, bluebird skies, temps 75-80 during the day and 55-60 at night.

I’ve added another strawberry cheesecake auto to the group. It’s my first go at autos, and I thought I’d use the free sunshine.

I did notice some brown stippling on a couple leaves on the first cheesecake auto I put out. It’s probably from foliar spraying under lights (yeah I know). Since it’s about a month old, and I’ve only been adding RO, I watered in a tbs of cal-mag. No spreading since then.

A few of the bottom leaves on the LSD and Zkittlez we’re contacting the soil when I transplanted. They’re obviously burned. I’ll trim them off in the next few days.

It was also time for the first round of neem. I usually spray every other week during veg. The strawberry cheesecakes won’t be getting anymore neem since they’re starting to bud.


This is the boring part of the grow journal. No issues, just veg growth.

Temps this week were at an all time high here. Thursday was 93f. A big storm with high winds, heavy rain, and small hail blew through on Friday. So I moved them closer to the corner where there’s a wind barrier. Today it’s currently 46f with an overnight low predicted as 36f. It’s almost June. Wtf?

I’ll need to distance them as they grow in the future.
Probably time to cut off the discolored leaves.

The shorter Strawberry Cheesecake auto is starting to put on some density in the buds. It does look a bit like fox tailing, but it might just be how she grows.

The lankier one, is just taking her time.


Nice plants! And no news is good news right?