My payment was declined


emailed them for the alternative options to pay. waiting on that will keep you guys posted on the status and if I actually get my seeds on the first time I’ve read alot of mixed reviews about shipping to the U.S so I’m slightly reluctant.


Things seem to be better on the shipping. Hope it works out for you. But you will get them.


I know that there are a lot of variables to consider; however, my shipment arrived without any issue. In fact, it actually arrived ahead of when I anticipated it would be delivered. Hope it goes well for you too.


I’ve already put everything into consideration Ive done my fair share of research on all aspects. Thank you


You order , you will get seeds ?


got my order 2 weeks ago on time I used basic shipping . They have good customer service and keep there word


I live in the USA too, I used my debit card I’m hopping my payment is excepted, I tried to make a purchase from a vender in the UK using my debit card and my payment was declined, I think IGLM is out of Amsterdam so I am hopping my payment is excepted this time, I just placed my order a few hours ago, when will I find out if my payment was excepted ?


@popolino77, while all banks differ in policy, with some debit cards, if you phone the bank and ask them to allow international transactions, they will work their magic and make it happen.

I useed to work a lot in India, South Africa, and Israel, and I’ve experienced the dreaded call to customer service to allow transaction on numerous occasions. :smile:

Again, all banks differ in their policies, but you may be able to get a successful transaction if you talk to them in advance.

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How do I make a cash purchase from the us for seeds


When you go to the payment portion of the order, iirc, cash is an option. I didn’t use it, but I would guess you would be given an address to mail the currency.


My payment declined as well this morning when trying to order.

Same card I used to ordered from here the last time, but now my country (South Africa) isn’t listed when filling in my credit card details…tried 1 more time so will see what happens.


I made a cash purchase an everything went very well

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I have ordered from ILGM many times, always paid in cash and have never encountered any problems with these folks. I am about to place another order, remain patient and there they will arrive. At least that is the experience I have always had with them. Keep it green.


I have made 2 purchases. First in cash, mailed on November 27th and the payment is still pending. With the holidays and mailing from the US it is not unreasonable that it has not been received. We will see on that one. On Dec 12th I placed a second order with credit card and it processed and shipped 12 days ago. I am awaiting receipt of that now. Again the holidays may slow things down somewhat. I have an empty tent as of now and am accumulating knowledge for my first grow!


My running is good sent cash an in 17 days had my seeds


Can you plz tell me how to go about sending cash my card was declined


Place your order an when you go to payment options select cash they will e mail you the address and the directions to follow




No problem


I tried ordering yesterday with credit card and it was declined I called the bank and let them know the bank also texted and emailed I let them know it was a good charge thru both of those so I’ll wait and see how it goes now