My PacMan ScrOG

Okay, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a little while.
So here’s an update on my baby Pac-Man’s. Here they are in their permanent pots.
They’re in organic soil mix, and water only.
They’re on an 18-6 light schedule, with a 600 watt MH super blue 65,000 lumen, 6500k @ 100℅.
I’ll let them veg for 2-3 more weeks, and then put them in a ScrOG…
The ScrOG will be 30" x 50", with a 2 x2 screen.

Check out the size of the fans on these baby girls!!!
The white powder is just a little DE that got on it when I watered.


OK, update time…
Week 2 under the MH light.
The plants are now around 12-14" tall, deep green and healthy, and I’ll be installing my screen this week.
Found a male plant and removed the little bastard stepchild… and germed another bean to replace it. You can see the shorter plant in the back.
She may or may not join the ScrOG, but I’ll let her grow under the screen with the others. If she is not ready to flower when the othes are I’ll keep it topped and veged and use her for my mother for my outdoor PacMan clones in April.
I pulled 4 clones off my Black Waters this morning, and they are enjoying their nice humidity dome now…
We had a small insect issue, and I washed (sprayed) all my plants and soil with Nukem (Flying Skull brand)… The stuff works wonders, and also kills powdery mildew and all molds.
It’s fully organic, with no chemicals, and I don’t mind using it in my grow.
They State on their website that you can find all ingredients in it, in a bread recipe. And can use it as a wash right up to the day of harvest.
I decided to upgrade a little from 600 watts, so I’ve ordered me a new 1000 watt HID lighting system from Digital Greenhouse, and will be installing it next week… The bulb I chose for flowering is a Digilux enhanced HPS, its150,000 lumens.
And my MH is also Digilux Ultra blue… at 90,000 lumens for vegging.
Hopefully the girls will be a little happier with more light.

Photo shoot time… They love showing off!

Here’s the wash I use… it works well with the wetting agent from the same people.

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OK, bug problem solved… The Nukem worked in 1 application.
So I took some time to install my ScrOG screen today… Worked out good.
I placed it at 18 inches above the plants, I’m going to keep it low.

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The girls wanted to show off today, they wanted to have some pictures taken. So here’s one I thought was kind of interesting. It’s a 9 leafer… also have one that I think is going to turn out to be 11.


Okay, Journal time again.
So, today we started our first LST onto the screen.
I had let some of the branches on my Blackwaters is get a little too far above the screen before I started.
So the simple solution to that was to pinch the branches and bend them over.
The plants didn’t seem to mind it, and bent willingly.
Today was water day, so they each got 1 liter of water.
The Backwaters grow a little faster than the Pacman’s, the Pac-Man’s should be hitting the screen in the next day or so.
The water only process seems to be going well, no nutrient deficiencies, or plant diseases.
They are averaging 1 to 2 inches a day of growth.
I decided to go above the screen with ties, instead of below it.
If anyone has any suggestions, or sees anything I’m doing wrong, since this is my first time ScrOGging
Please chime in and let me know!

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And here is the 11 leaf on the Pac-Man, I was talking about earlier.
These leaves measure 10 inches from stem, to tip


Update time…
Okay, I changed my mind about going above the screen. Decided to tuck everything below.
Think I might have made a mistake and let a male get into my grow… thought I had them cleaned out, but this one is being sneaky about it… I’ll be pulling it out and replacing it with a definite female Pac-Man in the morning.
So here’s a shot of the new screen training below the screen.

And here’s a shot of the male. It’s outgrowing the other PacMan’s, and has a huge stock. It’s the one in the front.
All my other PacMan’s are definitely female, because the white hairs are visible. I just made a mistake sexing this one earlier.
I’ll replace it with the little lady to the left, she’ll be to the screen in about a week.

I’m definitely loving the new light, and my plants are also. Nothing like 1000 watts of MH UltraBlue light, blazing at 90,000 lumens.


So beautiful dude, great job!


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@ktreez420… Thanks dood!!!

Update time…

The 4 BlackWater (female) clones were a success!!!
Rooted using ProMix BX, and Clonex.

The ScrOG is coming along beautifully… Strong healthy plants, and no nute deficiencies, or diseases
1 liter of water each every 3 days is all I’m doing… The hot soil grow seems to be going very good!!!
Had an explosion in growth since I put in the new 1000 watt light.
I was absolutely Blown Away by the size of these bulbs they are 15 inches long, and 3 inches wide!!!
I’m only running it on 800 watts MH for veg right now (turned it down) but I’ll be switching it to HPS and 1,000 watts for flowering.

Switched the light schedule over to 16/ 8, in another few days I’ll be doing 14/10.
Then at the end of this week we will be switching to 12/12.
Look at the pictures, let me know your opinions on health and ScrOG success.

And here’s the new clones!!!


Nice job brother keep it up

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Yeah, nice job, they are very healthy looking :+1::ok_hand:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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OK, update time!
Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Been very, very busy.

Just some quick photos…
Had to veg for 2 extra weeks but we are 2 wks into flowering at 12-12 light.
The plants could not take the Solistek 1000 watt HPS, so had to back off to 800 watts.
The light was 6 ft above the plants and burned some leaves. Vegged a little longer to allow new leaf growth.
Here are the Black Waters in their ScrOG.
The spread on these 2 plants is 6 ft.
I’ve stopped counting buds at 80!!!

As I stated I was going to do, these plants have had nothing but stream water throughout this entire grow.
When the plants were placed into flowering, I mixed up 2 gallons of my soil with water to create a tea. I’ve been feeding this 2 cups to the gallon.
Nothing more…

And here are the PacMans… Allowed to grow as they wanted.
Buds everywhere!!!


Looking great @Traumamedic
And we all have lives outside our grow rooms lmfao
Thanks for the update keep up the great work bro

Latest update again.
Literally, a screen of green.
6’ X 4’ of buds.
Still nothing but a water-only diet.
I did however develop a little Ph problem last week.
We have been having a lot of rain here lately which raised the water levels in my stream.
When the water levels are normal, it flows slowly over the limestone rocks which pH’s the water.
My water had become more acid do to the surface runoff in the stream.
This caused some yellowing in some of my lower leaves due to a nutrient lockout.
Corrected the problem with some potassium bicarbonate crystals, and all is well now.

Still running 800 watts of Solis Tek HPS 30" above canopy.
Temps… 68 - 72
Humidity… 45 - 55%
12/12 lighting
1.5 - 2 liters of 6.2/6.4 pH water every 2 days.
Air circulation from above, and below by to 12 inch oscillating fans.


They look amazing

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Looking great @Traumamedic

Almost harvest time…
I’m going 1 more week.
I’m anticipating about a pound off these two plants.

Here’s a close up.

Remember… This was done without adding a single nutrient. It was water only to the end.
Some of these buds are the size of a Red Bull can.
I would say success was achieved!


Nice job @Traumamedic
Looks great bro
Refresh my burnt brain what type of soil did you use ?


It’s called M3

Michigan Made Mix.

Just Google it, you’ll find their website.

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