My own raison t'etre


Hi all. My wife told me I should get a hobby. I think she is worried about a mid-life crisis setting in. I’ve been 37 years a musician and make my way gigging and teaching guitar and music history at the college level. Many guys respond to the big five-O by running out and buying a Les Paul but I had to look elsewhere.
I love a good high and quality weed is expensive and hard to come by down here in that reddest of red states so I had the idea to grow my own in my jam room closet. Just two weeks into my first autoflower grow I was completely hooked.
Growing combines a relaxing commune with nature with just a little James Bond-style danger and I am fascinated by how much of an art it seems to be. Louis Armstrong called marijuana his “beloved weed.” I love nothing better than to get baked and play with loops, improvise and write on my guitar.
I’ve always felt that pot being illegal implicates God as an accessory so growing is also a way for me to quietly express a personal and spiritual truth. Funny thing - smoking weed is not all that addictive but apparently growing it can be.


@f_fender I think we must be walking on the same path - I’m totally hooked on my new hobby/mid-life crisis/personal grow.

I had my mid-life crisis when I was about to turn 40 and so I took up adventure racing and ultra marathon running. Was quite an adventure but getting up at 2 am on a Saturday morning to go do a practice run for 8 hours took a real toll on my marriage. So when I told my wife a month ago that I wanted to start my own grow because I felt like my life was too damn ‘vanilla’, to my surprise she said ‘Ok…’ and didn’t bat an eye.

Thinking about it now I suspect that she’s just glad that I’m not flying over to NE Asia to go run the Gobi desert or heading down to the South Pole to go for a trek!