My own little jungle , 1st indoor :P


Can I mix calcium hydroxide (powder one what i can buy engineers shops) with nutes or this is not good? General Organic nutes.
I know when i add calcium hydroxide PH is goin very up BUT last grow i dont have problem with this (i dont had then my PH pen and PPM pen too). When I add with nutes water then PH goes very up and PPM is goes low? Please explain who knows or tag who knows , TY
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calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)
Calcium hydroxide is sold with garden supplies as slaked lime or garden lime to reduce soil acidity.

YOU SAID…calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)
Calcium hydroxide is sold with garden supplies as slaked lime or garden lime to reduce soil acidity.

Y need to get a P H pen A.S.A.P For mixing your nutrients. After adding nutrient to your water you the P H your nutrient solution to what ever it should be.
So go to the local hardware store and buy a good one if you can.

Keep me posted please and i’ll follow your grow



What I have to do if I have some seeds what not grow?
Where I can get replecement? If I get some :slight_smile:
No problems with my first 30 seeds (2 or 3 what not germinated) , but 2nd order, wwa and og kush autos dont grow… Second week and they not grow…

EEEh , today one WW is dump off :frowning: :frowning:


Your light is to far away from your plants.
Drop your light down so that it’s only about 3" three inches from your plant cause right now they are striching for the light and now you’ll have to stick them so that they don’t fall over.


Look this tread, please.

What’s wrong?

And which defiance?

That could be a ph issue tht mimics a deficiency i had something similar happen to me on my first grow and it was the ph tht was wrong to high and to low. But if ph is good thn it could be potassium deficiency. This might help i was given it on here.

Without better information, I would check ph.

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What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
Temps; Day, Night
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Everything is so red even purple (and other plants affected too) , stems only upper side, stalks, leaves. Buds are thin, leggy plant overall. And now add this white spots on leaves.
I try to wash off with peroxide3%, but that’s in leaves. Spots won’t come off, not PM. BUT what’s wrong? Is this pH problem? I use some fish pH - and I think this causes problems.
I use general organics two part fertilizers.+bud booster Go too.
I can’t see the change for pH even when Ppm is 1200. My deep ground water is 7.2 and 420ppm.
Are pipes add iron or others minerals?

From the looks of it, you probably need to take a step back and start from beginning.

What are you measuring ph with?

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agreed…you need a very accurate way to measure ph and your ppm runoff at feeding time.

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That plant is well into flower. What strain is it? Ive had strains that turned to a rainbow of leaves during flower. Sometimes it’s genetics. Looks to me that may be a little of what u have going on. Not the dry crumbly leaves I see those happen during flower too but hard to tell without a support ticket. Need more info.


imagenothing wrong with this plant at all.


This yellow cheap one. What you mean, step back and start from beginning?
Is this mean no hope =) just let them be. Ripening by pistils is almost ready. 50% brown and trichs is almost white. Last grow 110 days now day 80. But buds are smaller, way smaller. And I have half more lights this time. Same nutes, and last time I let lamps 24h shine now I go 18/6. And one more thing what’s different for last grow is humidity. Last grow 40-55%, now I have 25-40. Is this so big factor?

Low humidity is good at the end of flower. If you are that close to harvest then just let them finish. The leaves will start to die at the end of flower and is normal @beginner2d


I have not get every time runoff. I feed to1gallon water/nuts mix to 4/5 gallons pots. Hardly ever get runoff. Last time I pour 1000 Ppm in pot and 1000ppm came out. Next time I get myself expensive pH reader. Maybe yes this pH reader is shi77y

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Your pH meter is your most important tool so upgrade to a good one. But I think they are doing fine. And every so often water to 10-20% percent runoff just so you know what is going on in your soil


Not at all, I meant rather than shooting from hip with ppm adjustments and such. Better to get back to basics.

So you have a digital meter and have been watering with a ph of 7.2? Or what’s going on there? Can you get a ph check of your runoff?

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I got rainbow grow second time. Yes same strains and led lights, NL/AH/BB all autos.
Rainbow strain is Northen Lights(last grow) & this rainbow styler is Amnesia Haze. Amnesia is one tricky plant to grow inside (beginner like me) . I don’t get it. Second grow and same pattern, day 60+ and they start to yellowing and 10-20days after and all sunleaves is gone.