My outside grow

Brought it inside to flush. This happy little accident turned out great. I had thought my original seed wouldnt grow, so i started this, but once my 1st sprouted i took this girl outside.


What strain?

Blueberry kush

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Nice fricken job for an accident. Whats the trics look like under scope. What nutes did u use. High 5 bruh

20% Trichs are amber.

I grew it in a planter that holds 3gal water plus soil. Kinda half hydro, half soil (see pic)

I used fox farms trio plus cal mag and poured whatever i didnt use in my grow tent into the soil outside to feed that guy. Rainwater/sprinklers and Fl sun did rest.

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Well nice job. I do the same with all my runoff water goes to the tomatoes and cucumbers peppers ect. U did a nice job my friend. W2g

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