My outdoor time saving drip system

I use a drip system fit outdoors that I think is a game changer for anyone hand watering their outdoors plants.

The benefits of this system are:
You can water the plants with aggregator amount of water delivered over a longer time allowing good localized soaking of soil rather than run off.
You can water more water in a short period of time.
You can add nutrients and minerals to your watering schedule (I ALWAYS feed until it’s time to flush), thus ensuring your plant always has all that nutrients they require.
You don’t splash soil and all the stuff in the soil on the stalks of your plants, thus reducing the transmission of pathogens from soil to plant. Mind you, this is more of an issue with tomatoes (I use the same system on the tomatoes).

60 gallon / 200L food grade plastic drum.
Tank fitting (coupling with rubber sleeve) connected to a 1/2" tube.
3 shut off valves and a tee connecting allow me to have 2 separate circuits (cannabis and vegetables).
The cannabis line is an old 3/4" garden hose. At each plant (except the last), there is a tee, with another shutoff valve. After tech valve, there is a 1/2" to 1/8" cross tee (2 x 1/2" connections and 2 x 1/8" connections), and then we capped off.
Each plant has four 1/8" lines terminated with a dripper.

This system can be scaled up

The tank with gauge I made:

The cannabis/vegetable garden split:

The connection to each plant:

The “cross tees” and end plug:

The drippers:

The plants:

The two in pots are Cheesequake, about 5 feet tall. Stalks are 3 fingers wide:

This Rockstar of 7’6" tall:

This Nicole’s x Banana O G is 8’ 7" tall and it still growing!

Its stalk is 4 fingers wide:

My tomatoes like this system, and so far they are ok with their cannabis neighbours:

2/3 of my security system :joy: :

My pest control:

Last year at harvest (the one on the right was 9 feet 7 inches tall and yields 3.5 pounds of dried and trimmed bud):


Looking great!

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Super cool! I too enjoy bushy plants! I take it you are in Canada? BC perhaps? Just guessing because of the copper colored rust on your mellons.
Oh hitting 12 feet is easy, and if you grow a Johaar 20 feet is not out of the question.


the cieling in this greenhouse is 12 feet high and the Johaar on the right has just ben bent over for the second time. It is soon to be blocking the entrance. If I did geometry it would be about 16 feet now. The bottom branches have hit the roof and had to be pulled down yesterday.

I love your watering system

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Yah, I have been thinning out since I took the video, and will be for the next couple weeks.

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It’s cheap and easy to maintain. . When I mow the lawn, it literally takes seconds to disconnect and put away, and reconnect.

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Mine have been getting interior work every watering. Flowering has just begun, so its time to remove the last bit of the unwanted interior material. I like to leave the healthy green interior leaves as a store of N as the pkants cannibalize them and then I remove the dwad leaves after. I do remove all interior bud sites though. Im in the Shuswap Lake area of BC. We have had a very cool and wet summer up until the last few weeks.