My outdoor plants look amazing

My first outdoor grow up here in Massachusetts. I can’t believe the buds. Hundreds of buds per plant and they are stacked up 15 inches tall or more. The plants are taller than me and the stalk is bigger than my wrist!
My harvesting intentions are to chainsaw down an entire plant, hang it from the rafters in my hayloft of my barn. It’s warm up there and lots of airflow. I can trim them back while they are hanging and then sweep away all that leafy stuff off the floor. I hope it dries well up there. It should because my hay always cures nicely.
Any thoughts?

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Yeah, pics or it didn’t happen…


I am anxiously awaiting those pics!


Wow, if it’s that large, wouldn’t it be easier to cut it into sections @ the main branches and work with it that way?
Personally, I would use the trim as well, but I’m… thrifty/cheap.

Gonna try and add sone pix


I just grabbed these off my phone from a week ago.
I just thought hanging the whole plant would be easier that all those branches. I’ve got some work cut out for me

Better pix


Strain? They do look good.

The one in this picture is bubba kush, but my granddaddy purple looks just as good. I have gorilla glue and girls scout cookie as well


I think you have a few weeks until harvest. How long have they been in flower?

Nice looking plant.

I took a tiny clipping of a bud today. Put it under a microscope. A few cloudy tricombs, but not ready yet. A week or two for sure

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I think it will dry too fast like that. I’ve noticed that wet trimming and SLOW drying make for a better smoke.

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My biggest mistake all season (I grow autos) is that I harvested my first plants too early. That extra couple weeks can literally double your yield plus if it’s photoperiod seeds I usually wait until first frost. Just an idea. Good shit!

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