My outdoor Grow journal!

ok I’m only going to water this one with the right ph water and some organic feed once the others dry I’ll do the same


I wouldn’t add any nutes just yet, you alrady have nutes in the soil, jusy water and wait and see if the new growth looks beter, just my opinion

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I agree with @Mrcrabs

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So don’t add nutrients to any of the plants or just that one. Some omg then are a month old and I still haven’t added any

Your soil should have plenty I would think

Ok so just ph the water to 6-6.5 and don’t add nutrients for how long. What about the bigger plant. It’s looking better but it looks likes it’s having some signs of going into flower and I haven’t fed her nothing


Id play it by ear since you dont have a ppm meter at the moment, if im wrong then its a time to check your runnoff after watering with some rainwater or R.O water. This wil gives us a better understanding of wheter your plant is under or over fertilized.

Plants looking more rejuvenated

@Mrcrabs Should I add veg nutrients when I water next? I’m getting a green house installed!

Id probably still us phd water at the moment, give it a couple weeks before adding any nutes. I would start with a very small dose like 1/8 recommendation of what should be givin , you could always add more if you see signs of nitrogen deficiency

Yeah I wasn’t gonna do what it told me I was gonna split it.

Did you start more seeds?

Yezzir!! And I still got 8 left

Kool, what medium are you gona a use for tgem?

I got a tiny bit of miracle grow😬

I think I’m going to just rip this plant out and plant those in this fabric pot!

Id reconsider if i were you, this is great at startin g seeds

heres my papayas and a seedling i stared and only 6 dollars at walmar lowes or the home depo

Both these seedlings have been feed with cocowater no nutes yet. A coconut has lots pf nutrients and minerals for your seedlings and wont burn them and it only cost a couple bucks

@Mrcrabsimage this is good for growing right

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