My outdoor grow GSC broke in half prematurely

Today this morning she (cannabis plant) was fine and latter this afternoon it broke in half because of high winds.

I was planning to harvest at the end of October.

I have it in distilled water right now to complete the grow cycle.

I’m new at this and this is the first this happened. Any suggestions what to do? Or f*** it, just dry and smoke.

Can you show a better close up of the flowers? It looks ready anyways.

Here is a closer look. Is it ready to harvest?


Looks ready to me.


Nice looking buds bro. Atleast she broke when she was done. Maybe her way of saying im done take me now im at my best lol


Very nice looking buds!

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Thank you very much for your advice… I wish I can send you some samples.

This is probably only 5% that broke off near the bottom. The bad new is I have a lot of work and a lot of bug to remove. :pleading_face:

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Peroxide bath should help clean them. 1 cup peroxide to 5 gallon water


Looks pretty nice! Kill it and hang it off a pike pole until dry, let all others that should break know that if they do, off with their heads and they will be hung out to dry in public display.


What percentage of hydrogen peroxide?

Here is an updated on harvest!
Almost 1LB only one plant. Mother nature grew this one.

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@JeffsCookies 3% hydrogen peroxide, one cup peroxide to 5 gallons of water.

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