My "Other" Grow

I am an avid vegetable gardener as well as a Cannabis grower. Last year I had some really nice tomatoes but this year, I am not going to be gone half the year so I can work on my garden more. I am going to have 4-6 20 gallon fabric bags to grow tomato’s in. I have a mixture of composted mushroom mix, organic potting soil and peat.

Have already got the pots, soil mixes and the fertilizer (10-10-10) to which I will add some 5-1-1 fish fertilizer for extra nitrogen. Cal/Mag is added from the time I see flowers unless I see need for it earlier. It stops the bigger tomatoes from splitting when they get close to harvest. I do not pH my water but do check it if i see signs of nitrogen deficiency or any other problems.

My tomato plants are already in one gallon pots inside and are getting anxious to start stretching and growing. Have already grown in the pots (only in there for a few days). I plan on planting them in about 4 weeks when we return from our visit to AZ. Should be eating tomatoes by May 30th.

Mykos (microrhizae) is added to the soil hole of all plants being transplanted. Seeds were also given some. Akos (nitrogen fixing bacteria) will also be added to the soil.

We are also going to have Green Beans, Okra, Rhubarb (for pies), Green and Red Peppers, Onions, Garlic (to stop pests from coming into the garden, works well), Eggplant, Squash and last but not least Strawberries and Blueberries.

Have already gotten the strawberries thinned out and soil organics added. Have the beds ready for additional soil that I add a little at a time. I can’t lift or exert much anymore.

I do not even eat tomatoes until they are in season. The ones they sell in the stores are TERRIBLE ! They taste like cardboard!

Anyone else addicted to the taste of homegrown veggies?


I know my english neighbours loved the radish i grew a few years ago, so easy tho and the tomatoes

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yep just gt the lowes delivery of the garden supplies the other day getting started this weekend on soil prep .


I’m with ya brother. Can’t wait to see your garden.

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We live in the lettuce capital of the world, literally. We grow every variety of lettuce we can and fresh spinach for salads, along with purple potatoes, garlic multicolored carrots, onions, strawberries, fuerte avocadoes, fuji apples, boysenberrit’s etc. I would love to grow bananas.

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My strawberry bed. This is re-worked from last year. There are several small berry plants boxes in the yard.

We have bees around already and they are all over the plants and my trees. I am encouraging their staying around. LOTS of sweet flowers around and they are loving it. They are the best pollinators ! !


Really nice beds @TxGrowman

I do a lot of perennials and a raised bed of kale, chard and tomatoes, plus an herb garden. My space is really limited (0.14 acre and the house takes up about 30% lol) but I pack in beds wherever I can!

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Thanks, the beds are a bear to get right with the good mix of compost and rotted material. Big producer in this bed last year! Looks like we have a good start already !

Yeah bees have been attacking my plumb trees already

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What do you guys do about rabbits ? We have so many here and they are really destructive. They literally are so bold they tunnel nests under my dogs’ fence. Even with a litter getting eaten by one of my dogs each spring :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They STILL keep living here. My Spaniel has unearthed wide under ground tunnels. I’m at a loss and and I’d really like to expand my veggie beds this year.

I do not have any near my house. Have seen about 1-2 in the last 30 years here. Was a huge problem in Western New York till I got a Dachsund (spell?) that loved rabbit ! They were originally used in Germany to hunt rabbits and dig them out of their holes After that - not such a big problem !

Have seen a few products that claim to repel rabbits but none that I have seen work. The best thing I can suggest is burying chicken wire in a border 4 foot wide around a fence. That will slow them down and maybe they will leave.

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Chicken wire wouod be the best approach an a dog that like to chase the off

Our temps here are in high 70’s for last week or more. Low at night, 54 !

Have tomatoes vegging in the house. By the time I transplant they are going to be near 3 feet tall and almost ready to “Flower”. They are a bush tomato with huge main stalks and produce 8-10 oz tomatoes.

Going to plant the peppers in a ground plot that I made sandy. Peppers like that type soil. And I will pack it with compost to keep the roots cooler in the hot Texas summer. Egg plant will be in the pepper section.

Okra and beans don’t really care about heat as much as others. We have rhubarb plants in the shade on the north side of the house and will only get direct sun about three hours a day.

Going to try a watermelon in a 20 gallon fabric pot. No need for the melon to be in soil so I am just going to run the vines on the porch under sun protection and keep them trimmed. The ground bugs here are terrible so I will keep them out of contact with the soil.! May also try butternut squash the same way!

Our house looks like a nursery now. Am going away for a week at Easter so I can’t start a grow. Plan on starting as soon as I get home. Mainline in the tent. Gonna be a FUN summer !

Planted three bean plants that popped already. Tomatoes are vegging very nicely in the kitchen bay window. Beds are all waiting for their plants. Going to plant most everything when it comes up and get maximum grow time. Am waiting for my Auto seeds to come and I am going to plant one in the okra bed. Had to go with my favorite, AK-47 !

Got some Cleome Seeds to plant in a flower bed that just “happens” to be right next to where the Auto will be residing. Also putting them in the front yard upwind from the Okra/Auto bed. I have been told they have a particular smell and any smell that can cover up my grow is OK with me.

The lawn is already looking good. The hedges are blooming and color is everywhere. Spring in Texas! It will end in a short time and become HOT ! ! We are gonna have bees all over the place if this spring is any judge. The bees are about wearing the flowers out around the yard. Flowers are starting to bloom daily now.

Catch ya’ll later !

Well, have been trying to at least get all my tomatoes and peppers in and growing. Will get some pics tomorrow. The tomatoes are already flowering and one has a tiny tomato on it. Lucky that I had all the materials staged as I got sick and could not do it. My neighbor offered to help me with getting started and his son is a boy scout that wants to work on a growing merit badge. I was more than happy to let him set it up. He is also going to help me during the summer. He will get a merit badge and I, good tomatoes.

Hope to get my cannabis grow started soon. Am torn between Gold Leaf and California Dream that I just received from Robert for the plant de’jour. Don’t really see any way to loose with those choices.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry

We just moved to this house last fall, after it stood vacant for two years, after the old lady who lived here stopped tending to the yard for many years before. We rrmoved a dumpster full of trees, bushes, overgrown everything. Trying to save and reuse as much as possible. So I transplanted a portion of lilac that was growing around another tree while they smothered each other.

I’ve transplanted lilacs several times before, always successfully, but never this big and never this… Weird. Fingers crossed.

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I LOVE Liliacs ! The house I grew up in as a kid had 25 liliac trees around it (That’s where I learned to clone LOL). I loved the smell of the young flowers in the spring. Did you put any organics (compost) in the hole around the stump. That always seemed to help mine !

That is quite an ambitious project you have, best of luck on getting it started. Would like to see how it grows this summer. Jerry.

Yep, layers of soil and compost. She’s been overwhelmed by other plants for decades – we discovered the giant lilac with no leaves except its very top, totally buried in mountain Laurel. The sun alone should help!


@TxGrowman,yes prefer garden over store anyday,off season they are $9 dollars a kilo so is an easy decision.

throw in some lettuce,zucinni,spinach,capcicums,an cucumbers an o don’t forget the succulents an it alround :slight_smile: