My odd ball leaves

Can someone enlighten me as to what’s going on here. All these leaves are from the same plant, a blueberry x skunk feminised. She is a top cutting from a plant that died on me. She looks so healthy

Indoor grow
Grown in soil
Rh 50%
Temp 80f
In flower by about 2 weeks now. Light is about 18" away.
Hps 600w on 12/12

it looks like it could be a nitrogen deficiency the leaves are awful dark and turning down I’ll take a better look at soon


Excess nitrogen, and it’s a monster crop clone. Clone taken during flowering. That’s why you don’t have the standard 7 leaves.


I had to take the top off as the rest of the plant was about dead. No idea what killed it as it started to look really sick shortly after moving it to my new tent. I have checked my run off and the figures are really high so I will just water her for the time being and bring the ppm down a bit

Are you in fox farms soil? They’re pretty rich and give high tds/ppms for the first few months.

Have you checked carefully for pests?


Look at that. I will go over it tonight. Didn’t see them. I have a great microscope there so I will do a thorough check later on. I would need to check my soil, think it’s Canna. Possibility that I’m too rich as well as my runoff ppm is through the roof and currently trying to get it down a bit.
@Drinkslinger you have some pair of eyes on you


Had a look tonight and spotted this little critter making a bid for freedom. Spider mite maybe

@Drinkslinger looks like mites.

I haven’t had to battle mites yet, so my practical experience is zilch. From reading, mites are pretty much the worst pest to get.