My "NYPD" is experiencing trouble


Hey guys
these pictures are of a “NYPD” girl in her 4th flowering week.
The fertilizers Im using are bionova “dedicated” series with rain water.
“HM” TDS meter points a value of 1550 in the solution.
I mix the solution PH to around 6.0 which is the bionova instractions and I get a 6.3-6.5 PH reading in the runoff
humidity is in thr Range of 45%-65%
temp 21-25 celsius / 70-77 Fahrenheit 600 watt hps lamp
temp at dark 15.5-17.5 celsius / 60-63.5 Fahrenheit
Grow tent 120cm x 120cm x 200cm DR120 by secret jardin
Ventilation system; “vk100” 250cm blower on a carbon filter for exhaust and 150cm venta for intake.
Any help would be appreciated


My honest opinion I wanna say an excess in phosphorus. Iron, zinc, calcium, or possibly even magnesium could be a deficiency, heres a chart based on deficiencies hope it helps.

Any one else that can put an input to help out that be great

#3 here’s my suspect for you


Honestly it could even be a phosphorus deficiency. I went through that a little over a week ago and they looked similar to yours. The deficiency could be caused by a lock out. Flush the plants and feed with 1/4-1/2 strength immediately after and slowly increase the dosage. My deficiency was caused by a pH lockout. PH perfect nutes don’t play well with additives that aren’t pH perfect I found out :slightly_smiling: pH in was 5.8, run off was 5.8 but root zone pH was actually 6.6 in Coco


Thanks guys here is a nutrient lock out chart for what nutrient locks out what