My number 2 plant

Good afternoon everybody hope all is well I have a question this is my number 2 I’ve been keeping an eye on it my question is mostly all the families only have three points did the couple of few 4.4 mostly all three I am sending you a pictures maybe you can figure out what kind of plant this is or what’s going on never seen one like this before in person thanks for your help I appreciate it

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Do you know the strain ?
Some setiva plants do the 3 finger fan leaf thing when flowering and before
Mine did and she’s just fine

I can also tell there’s a change in your plant
Look at the fan leaves shagging …it’s concentrating on flowering …it’s also outdoors so unless ypu have some type of bright lights close by the chances of re-veg are low

3 finger fan leaf
Bud just above it

Mine also have plenty of 4 fingered leaves too

One of my plants stopped making anything more than 3 finger leaves as soon as she started flowering. It’s mostly putting out 1 finger leaves on the colas now. I don’t think it’s anything unusual.