My Northern Lights grow- week 2 of flowering

October 17

October 31

November 9

November 18

November 21 (started having some heat stress)

November 22 (heat stress getting worse)

December 7 (heat stress long gone :slight_smile: )

December 12 ( 6 days into flowering)

December 13

December 14 (week 1 of flowering)

December 20 (today-tomorrow will be 2 weeks into

FIRST (motivated) GROW!
I only ph test the water and runoff-usually around 6.4
Right now I have it under 238 Watt CFls (sometimes I turn on my 125 watt cfl for a while if it’s not too hot)
12/12 light
Fox farms happy frog soil entire grow- ff nute trio also.
The only issue I’ve had so far is a little bit of nute burn (by little bit I mean about 2 or 3 leaves affected)
And some heat stress caused by not enough to air flow and temperature raising to 85 degrees constantly.

Next grow I’m growing 3 plants (Leda Uno, Sweet Dreams, and Spontanica-all by KC Brains)
and plan on doing a SCROG… Any adivice is welcome!!!

When did you first top your plant and how many times before flowering?

Never topped. It’s LST but it’s not very good lol
I waited too long and didn’t exactly know how to LST but that’s what I got

Waiting too long can be as bad as too early.

Low stress training I just bent over the main stem and some side branches so it would stay short

And tied them down