My NON AUTOFLOWER plants are already flowering & some are only 8” tall!

This is my 5th grow & I’ve NEVER had this happen before.

I transplanted my plants a little over a week ago from the starter cups to the 15 gal pots (outside). I’m in S Central Texas & have 13 1/2 hrs of daylight. They range from maybe 8” to a little over a foot tall (only because they’re stretched due to not enough sunlight)…meaning, they’re young. And, they’re FLOWERING already!

I have three strains, and all three are doing this. One, White Widow, I planted last year, so I know it isn’t just because it’s a different strain.

The other two are Critical Mass & Critical Mass CBD. I posted this question on another forum & was told about the lack of hours of daylight…understandable. They say they will go back to reveg when the daylight hits 14 hours, which will be mid June & last several weeks.

BUT, no onewill answer my question: WHY is it doing it this year and NEVER did it before? And,

What’s going to happen? If they flower now, the flowers will bud, won’t they? Will the plants continue to grow? Do I have any expectations of getting any type of crop? I really need this for medical use. It’s too late to start over.

Sure hope someone knows. Thanks in advance, too.

When you grew these seedlings to transplant outside, how many hours of light were they getting artificially inside before the transplant? If you shortened the available light by a few minutes then boom you kick in flowering especially with Indica dominate strains.

If you started your seeds outside in full sun then transplanted to pots in any shade, then boom you just reduced the light and kicked in flowering.

Someway, you will have to tell us how, the light hours were reduced or shaded from sprout to the repot and kicked in flowering.

Now here’s the bad news from learning the hard way myself a few times. You can either watch in horror as the thing starts budding up good then starts reveging and gets leafy and wait all summer to see you wasted your time or you can kill them suckers and replant while you still have time and save yourself alot of frustration and misery. Just my two cents from 2 summers of witnessing the same thing.

Now I never, ever, start any Indica dominate strain before May 1st.

I also will never plant any Autoflower strain until after May 1st outside again. The cold and shorter days slow them up.

You said quote

“They range from maybe 8” to a little over a foot tall (only because they’re stretched due to not enough sunlight)”

What caused the not enough sunlight issue on the repot? There’s your issue my friend sounds like in the starter cup they had enough light and you transplanted and reduced the light enough to cause alot of stretch by your seedling to reach the light. The reduced light kicked in flowering


Thanks for your questions.

I started them in starter pots in the SAME place as the garden so there wouldn’t be any change in sunlight. So, there wasn’t any change in sunlight at all when we transplanted them. The only change was from small pots to larger ones within the same place.

The last question: there was never enough sunlight. The place where the garden is just gets too much shade in the early morning & late afternoon. (Some earlier than others, but ALL are flowering …no matter where they are)…

NOTHING changed in the sunlight in the transplanting.

THAT is my dilemma.

SO, I saw the BAD news. OUCH. It’s May. If I order them today, I may get them by the end of May…

I’ve never done AUTOFLOWER before .

I know they’re shorter; do they have much yield? Is it too late to start the “2nd” crop? Etc.


I forgot to ask. Does this mean when they go back to reveg that they won’t flower again? or that they just die? Why will they be a waste?
thanks again

When it reveges it fills up with leaf,you basically end up with half leaf, half bud of low potency with that much stress hermaphoditism usually occurs bout August. I wasted two summers hoping mine would fill back out only to be disappointed. Kill em and replant or move them to smaller pots and move them every day to maintain 12 hrs dark. It’s a no brainier to me now, I watch the hrs to never make this mistake again. I would replant and call it a valuable lesson learned.

Cannibis at a bare minimum needs 5 hrs of direct sunlight each day.

When it revegges u will have to take off all the buds that grew previous so they dont rot and cause issues down the road. It takes a while in 24 hrs of complete light no dark before they reveg. If u have a light u can pull it in and try and reveg it inside almost better to start another seed or 2 tho to save u any hassles or loss of a harvest. Sux it happened i took a clipping from a plant as a clone to fond out it was statting to flower. Took almost 3 weeks to reveg it and all the bud that grew looked nasty at first had to total trim all off and start as a fresh plant ull see it can b done but drop another to help.irself when u say f this and cut it ground level lol

I’m pretty well stuck here. We have land with cattle on the open areas (leased, so not our cows). Meaning, we can’t plant in the open…heck, we couldn’t anyway. So, we do have to find a place in the woods. We cleared it as much as we could- without cutting down large trees. We’re going to build our home (in a temporary one while we build), and have found a spot near it that is larger and sunnier. I know it won’t help this year, but will in the future.

You mentioned cutting off the buds. Ok, I can do that. I have 24 plants in 15 gal containers…I can’t bring them inside :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:**. They are just a BIT too heavy! So, that’s out. Before, you mentioned putting a light on it at night. I have some spotlights i could…oooh, I just remembered. No electricity out there… no generator (need one anyway…maybe good excuse). I’m thinking really hard here.
Thanks for your replies. I’ve gotten more from them than all the ones I got on another forum!

I didn’t mention cutting off the buds I said kill the plant or repot it in a smaller one and replant more seeds while you have time.

All of this talk of revegging overlooks a possible issue: if these seeds actually are autos, they won’t reveg but finish flowering and die. I would also suggest you start fresh and perhaps invest in some sort of ‘starter’ setup indoors to get a head start. A lot of growers do just that and put em out around Memorial Day.


Ok you have me confused, flowers dont bud, flowers are buds.

This is a female plant… this plant presented these ( pre flowers ) 4 months before the plant actually flowered. by this age I knew the sex of these plants

They are just about ready to flip in these images.


Id like to see pictures to better understand what it is you are seeing

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What I’m reading here is that these plants were started indoors then moved outside, then transplanted?

I think @GulfCoastGurilla is thinking same thing I am. Reduction of light from something like typical indoor veg schedule then moved outside with less light time, was enough to initiate them into flower. Easy enough to prove, when were the seeds germinated?

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Mam, in that pic the plants are over your head with not much room left to the top and you say you just flipped them? They double in size once you flip.

My mistake. I’ve never been through this before & I’ve read/re-read & am exhausted…doing this with migraines every day. So, I’ll try again.

So, I kill & replant OR, if I repot in a smaller pot, what happens?

Thanks. (It’s pretty urgent now because if I have to order seeds, I’d better do it NOW).

WRONG. I don’t understand why I’m misunderstood so badly.

They were planted in small pots in the SAME place as the garden. PERIOD.

Planted March 12th

Thank you :blush:

I forgot to take my phone yesterday. I’ll take it today & take photos.

Those look really nice!

Oh, I forgot to mention, they’re feminized seeds. So, pretty sure they’re all female, but I do keep an eye out :wink:.

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No, not autos.

Memorial Day? Wow, that’s late. Do they actually mature before a freeze?

I usually plant in March & harvest in Sept/Oct. We don’t get a freeze until mid/late Nov, so I could grow later…just hadn’t.

Better order those seeds.

Finally saw your photo on top. Mine are flowering (yes, flowers are buds. My mistake) on top as well as there.

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