My next grow Help me decide

I am just finishing up a grow. 30+ plants indoor under some awesome LED lights and worked out great.
Purple Kush, White Witch, Skywalker OG, my newest strains, I had seeds left over from a outdoor gorilla grow, I had a assortment of Blue Haze, Super Skunk, Gold leaf. The last three is unknown which is which as my seedlings got hit with a rain storm on a outdoor Germ and had to salvage 14 plants lived and 9 made the final grow. So wasn’t sure which strain was what.
I need to buy my next Generation grow and thinking of cutting back to 10 and 10 of each strain.
I really like white witch this is third grow with the strain, stout heathy plants with big resinous buds. but want to try a different strain. My notes on grows. Skywalker Og is killer long twisty buds and if I had a bud of the month pick it would be Skywalker. The but is it has lankly stems even though they are large and strong it wont support the bud development. Purple Kush is the bomb, buds are beautiful and plants are short no staking them up, lots of trichome’s, the but is ended up with only 5 plants out ten.
Super skunk tall plant may have let veg stage go to long very lanky stems and smaller buds. Blue Haze have only 2 but the sugar leafs are so thick and lush I did not get the thick buds skinny and long with lots and lots a leafs. Gold leaf is an outdoor grow, just plain poor volume lanky and small ,buds on a LED indoor grow. I may purchase some 1000w CMH lights for my next grow and LED’s on 1 side of my grow room maybe 5 and 5 of each light.
Ok you got me input what I am looking for is suggestions for my next grow, I have been leaning to Gelato 33, Ice Cream Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, Big Bud in the back of my mind. I have to admit it seems I like to lean to OG Kush genetics.
OK all you season growers help me decide on my next 20 to grow. I would really appreciate the input.
Thank Yopu in advance

I hear sweet seeds devil cream is EXCELLENT (or black cream if you prefer heavier indicas) along with their crystal candy also anesia’s future#1 is supposed to be one of the strongest if not the strongest breed out there right now that I’d love to grow once my tolerance gets higher

I got some “watermelon punch” which is watermelon Zkittlez x purple punch from growers choice.

I also got some wedding cake x frosty gelato also from growers choice

Here’s my inventory list: