My next adventure

I have 6 plants in veg right now. I’ve noticed they have markings on some of the leaves and some of the leaves are shaped oddly. Im careful not to splash them with nutrients. Possible calcium deficiency?. They are in a 3x3 tent with 70/30 coco coir perlite mix. Under a 300w light at 25% at 18 inches away. Any opinions would be appreciated!


Looks pretty good. I see algae developing on the soil/coco in that last pic. Suggest letting the soil dry out between waterings.

It’s time for a transplant to a larger pot.

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In Coco they need to be fed daily. What are you giving for nutrients?

They look hungry

Im following this except for the the last 3 nutrients on the list. And I feed them until run off daily. I also keep the ppm and pH in range. I plan on sizing up the ones in the solo cups to a 1 gal fabric pot but I’m waiting for some saucers.

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I’m not familiar personally with your nutrient line. You’ll probably be able to get better advice once people who have used it pop in. I am curious if the last three nutrients in that schedule carry the heavier nitrogen load because it looks like your plants are hungry for it.

Hey @Em I use the General Hydroponics Flora series in a DWC hydroponics setup.
I would start turning up your lights since you are currently at 25% of 300w 18 inches away.
Also i would add the RapidStart or Hydroguard to enhance root development and inoculation against any decease in your media.
Coco needs to water daily so it is important to use product to keep your root system healthy.

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As suggested by @Underthestairs you might want to bump the nitrogen a bit. I used this chart with GH for a long time:

I currently use a slightly modified version of the one you have, but the old GH chart had great results also.



They’re coming along very nicely

So two of my plants continue to look very droopy. But the stems and leaves are huge on these two. The other plants are doing good. Ppm and ph are still in range. I plan on potting up to 5 gallon pots when they come in on Monday. Is it possible it’s just the strain? The front left is purple ghost candy and the front right is wedding cake. I feel like the stems have been long with bigger leaves early on and it may just be weighted down. I am doing fertigation until run off once a day since they are in coco. I am running a 300w light at 65%, 18 inches away. Took pictures of all of them to show that the others are fine. I plan on topping and doing lst but I don’t want to stress them.

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