My Newest grow. Lemon Pie Auto

!2 weeks from sprout.


2 weeks… :wink:

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I swear autos are getting faster and faster these days soon they’ll come out with a 24 hour insta bud strain lol


I agree. Tricomes are mostly cloudy. Still some clear but they’re going fast.

Damn 2 weeks I’m still at seedling stage with my photos

@Randy_Marsh You must not be getting the fast flowering seeds

I only do photos so I really don’t know how and where those fast flowering you mentioned I buy from ilgm

I have been buying from ILGM for 3 years now. The do great autos and i have had great success,
but not Fast flowering seeds. They are from a different seller. I can not mention the seller here. It’s againt the forum rules. But i am impressed so far.

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I think randy and I were commenting that those plants with really big buds are claimed to be 2 weeks from sprout.

Fast flowering in this case refers to 2 weeks from sprout to almost done.

Guess is should have used smiley face so everyone would have caught on to the joke.


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Oh my bad. I see i hit the exclamation point instead of the one. :rofl:

they are 12 weeks from sprout.


We know we’re just ribbing you those lemon pies look amazing I just got some strawberry pie and purple lemonade autos that I’m psyched to drop in 2 months

Lemon pie auto huh where did you pick these seeds up from if you don’t mind me asking? Those are some Beeeaaauutiful flowers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face::drooling_face: love the colors looks delicious. This is outdoor too?

These are indoors. Unfortunately this forum frowns upon mentioning other Seed banks in forum posts.

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I am 100% stoner,from my recent 23and them test…,so I was like,"oh,I get it. The exclamation is a testimony, a reference to the time and anxiety growing can cause. I recall a scene from American Pimp,where the pimp referred to his spelling of his name with am extra “d” at the end,for an extra dose of pimpin’! What we are witnessing is the evolution of a written shorthand,similar to pig latin, but with an evolved twist. Hey,I feel that way about my ladies in the garden,and the longer we veg,the more exclamations I may place at the end of a sentence-or beginning-to reaffirm the veracity behind the coded statement. !4 weeks since I cracked them damn beans!! And so on…me,I have a hard time with the new lingua. As hard as I try,I am simply an old school, set in my ways of reciting the jive scenes from AIRPLANE. ‘Hey sky, s’otha say i won’t say pray to j I did the same ol’ same ol’…Sorry,the Anthropologist in me was coming out…

SL out.

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I found some got mine on the way! Let me know what yours yield

Will do. Chopping soon.

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Ha I just realized your from MA, I am too. How do they smell? Fruity or more skunky?

Fruity on my fingers when i touch them. But if i leave the door open like i did yesterday and come home, the house smells really skunky.

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Good stuff! Colors are awesome. How many plants of that strain you got? N you grow them in soil or coco?

I only have the one. It’s all i do is one at a time. So i can give it my undivided attention. Plus it’s just myself and my wife. I do give away some to my friends as well. I grow in soil always have.

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