My new toy What do you think? Pollen Box Keiv Box

15x15" Ryot created masterpiece in my opinion. Made from beautiful white pine, dovetailed corners, guaranteed no leaks, 100 micron screen, cool black glass, felted bottom and beautiful polished ball clasp closures.

Now I have had many throughout the years but this one takes the cake.


what are you using it for? Do you bust a bunch of buds to smoke in that pipe? Or are you making hash? How much weed do you put in there at at time?

I tossed a few hundred grams of trim I typically use for for bho through it tonight and got 2 piles like this 1.

Now I’ll BHO run the same trims and get an oz of oil too.

I usually sprinkle some on a late night bowl to really put me to bed. Or someone comes over and I pull out my BHO, GSCX flower, piles of kiev or some edibles and we get laced.