My new setup what do you think

i posted in the wrong place some how , but ill post the final pictures of my water fall version.

yes i have a pump in the one pumping into the cooler then to the main plant box. Probably 18 gallons total


@Onelow51 thats an interesting idea with the traps are you trying to keep water flow with a good bit of root mass? Do you have a cover on the reservoir normally? I tend to have problems with algae when the water gets exposed to light.

One thing for sure the girl in the bucket looks happy.

Yeah i put the top on the rez after i took the pic. The trap idea is so the plant box never gets low just the rez. In the plant box ill later put a screen or something to block the roots but i really dont think i should have a problem. The last few ive grown the roots mainly went down below the plant. We will see

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That’s a good idea and want to share with a couple of other hydro growers, although different techniques being used: still good info.

@Bogleg @peachfuzz @TDubWilly @Grandaddy013

Pretty slick idea with the trap to keep plant rez at level even when main rez is low.


@Myfriendis410 yeah i seen other ideas but all the buckets are connected at the same level as the rez. Cool you have 4 or 8 buckets and a rez, so effectively you have a lot of water but if you have 4 to 8 thirsty plants they are all going to go down. This way it stays full 100% of the time. And even if you have 4 or 8 buckets on this system as long as the rez has the trap and is large enough the plants will never go low. I got the idea from PA Hydroponics, the owner Gary… he has a few videos on making it.

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I saw you had this in another post. Confused me the way it was worded there lol

Now I get it !!!

Great idea !!

Some how i put it in another thread. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Interesting! Set to watch, gonna tag a long for this one.

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haven’t posted a pic or taken one in a bit. The water has definitely gone down in the res but the plant box is still on the full mark…


Is that wire loom around the lip between the pot and lid? Is it letting any light leak in? If so you might end up with algae issues.

@ItsPat ill check. Thanks for the 2nd set of eyes . :+1:

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i did a water change and taped up around the top to keep the light out. . And i have been giving her a break on the light during the night. (6h or 8h off) and she got a little bigger…

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Is this looking like a Auto??? Im not sure …

Definitely not a pro. But unless you changed your light pattern to 12/12… I’d say she’s flowering as an auto

I did change the lights to 6 hours off 18 on, just to give her a break, if shes flowering then I’ll click it 12 / 12 and crank them up to see what happens. I have more seeds and GDP is next…

To my knowledge you don’t have to do anything with your lights with autos. Leave them at 18/6… especially if you have others still in veg

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Cool, its not supposed to be a auto , but ill roll with it…

I’ve had some of my photo seeds do this. But the buds never started maturing till I get it 12/12. She is what 3-4 weeks? How many more you planning for veg? I tend to flip when they are 14-18" tall

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One in the tent at the moment, trying the new system out.