My new LED came in today!

I called and the switches were wired backwards. I’ve been on full flower for 3 days :sweat:. Now I think i should be good. Hey, learn as I go!

12-18" above canopy

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Ok nice! I will lower it

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I should have listened. The switches are backwards and I have been in bloom for 2 almost 3 days. Hopefully this won’t hurt too bad.

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How old are your plants ? What did the shipping instruction regulate on the lights for veg or flower ? I set my light at about 26 inches above the canopy and every 4-5 days I’ll lower the light about 3-4 inches until the seedlings grow into the intensity of the light , than once after the 5 or 6 node I set my light height at 18 inches turn it on full veg blue and white lights only , topped the plant once and let both nodes grow out full and lower light to 12-16 inches or what’s more tolerable for the plant by using the back of the hand method , still veg switch only up to the week before I’m ready to switch from veg to flower . But each Led light is different , they have some pros and cons of course , but hope this helps !

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Ok. My plants are 10 days now. I have the light at 14". Here are instructions on light. Still crazy I’ve been on bloom. The red looks cool. Lol.

Do you think I should raise the light?

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Great tips!!

@Careg I’ll tell you this in all honesty , regardless they auto flowers and supposedly they finish faster , if you don’t get a handle on your patience you will make very simple , but very costly mistakes trust me . This is why Robert made the grow bible free for all members , and to grow a successful plant from seedling to harvest is not a ton of questions , it’s basic patience . Now to say you do successfully harvest these lil beauties , does not mean you’ll have success your next grow , I been in and out of this game for 20 years now before its was the Internet and I had to learn to listen to a plant that don’t talk my friend ? This is one thee most friendly and passionate group of guys , girls , on the interweb that share the passion of helping each other reach they goals in successfully harvesting medicine for health reason that’s life threatening than recreational . Now believe it or not I think auto flowers is not for rookies or beginners cause you have no room for error with auto flowers . I’ve grown 2 in my whole experience and one finished in 56 days and one growed just a regular reminisced plant which require a lot of reading and patience . Remember you are your own worst enemy when you get over anxious , and overly excited and exercise no patience , than it would benefit to take 20-30 minutes of reading a day . Read , read , read , read , and when you not sure read it again and never stop reading the whole time you growing , this will bring skills , it will save time and lost and over spending , and save you a lot of sleep sir trust me . I hope this helps for the future , and I do understand your excited to finish now you have your new light . I strongly suggest you write everything down that you do to the plant to keep your own journal so you can fix mistakes later on that occurs . Just imagine if you was growing outside in sunlight ?


Do you need a post on autoflowers, they are quiet simple actually

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I’m ordering a p450 today!!!
Patience is something I have a lot of but reading, nah no time. Thanks again!

Should I make a post on autoflowers? I have amnesia haze, strawberry kush, and gold leaf coming in any day now. Not autos for next grow.

Honestly all up to you, if you have autoflowers, and decide to start a thread, I’ll follow it and be there incase of any questions

We all learn or be taught one way are another ?

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The hard way is the only way for some…


That’s what she said @Blountville
I always say haters gonna hate. LMAO

@yoshi or look at YouTube videos. No reading required. Rotf

He doesn’t need advice, he watched the YouTube vid


@Careg why you fill I’m hating when it’s you asking 20 of the most simplest question that’s been answered , by no means I’m hating , but my best wishes to you and hopefully you reach your success .


Yawn :tired_face: . So sleepy