My new indoor grow

This is my recent photos of my plants. I’m growing mowie wowie (two left plants) and white widow (right plants). Both feminized. This is about week 7. I’m Using fox farm happy frog potting soil in 5 gallon fabric buckets. Been using fox farm grow big and natural plant food. They are in a 4’x4’x72” grow tent under a 600w lamp for 12 hours and 6 hours of darkness. I have been using tap water. Don’t have a rain bucket yet to use maybe on the next grow. But I have been letting the water sit for about 2-3 days before watering the ladies.

I’m just wondering does white window grow faster than mowie wowie? Because I started these at the same time, they both germinated at the same time. The white widow is growing much faster than mowie wowie.


Welcome to the community , plants Grow rate can be different even though it’s the same strain.


Welcome to the neighborhood! Your plants are beautiful. Plants are all different. You should raise the shorter ones up to the level of bigger ones height so they get equal light. Happy growing :blush::v:


Thanks for the advice I will do that.


Looking great keep it up


I must be reading something wrong. What about 18/6. I am missing 6 hours.


Whatever you are doing looks great

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Yeah alley 18/6 my bad didn’t realize that.


Is that the far side of the moon? I assume 18/6.
It looks like the WW is ready to be relieved of some leaves. Open the bottom and center up. If the WW is taking off now just wait for the stretch. May want to look into bending the tops over (super crop).

What light are you using? If it is a blurple the actual power is usually around 125w±.

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Thanks for the input. Yeah I realize what I meant it’s 18/6 and the type of light I’m using is 600w metal halide bulb with a wing deflector and a dimmable ballast. Right now the ballast is set to 600 watts. I have never done the super crop method put ur talking about prune the bottom leaves and crop the top so it splits to grow more buds.

Also should I be worried about those yellow spots on the leaves?

Yes about removing some of the bottom leaves. Some secondary branches can also be removed. The ones that should be removed are ones that grow inward and crowd the center of the plant. Also ones that will not reach the upper level or be significantly lower than the majority of the colas.
Splitting to grow more buds is called topping or Fimming. I am talking about bending the stem to reduce its height. The purpose being is to have an even canopy that will receive a uniform amount of light. I don’t do it very often but I had to on all of the main stems of this one plant.

This is on the day I did it. You can see it is a big plant. It fills up my 3x3. I reduced the tallest ones about six inches. My preference is to have done this before flowering. I had to while in flower because of how much she stretched.

The next day. They have recovered and turned toward the light.

This is it a few days ago. If I didn’t supercrop the main colas they would be roasted by the lights.

There are lots of youtube videos on the topic. Kyle Kushman is as good as any. Also DeBacco University

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:+1: good to know. My wife just cropped the cola on the back WW and gonna wait a couple more days to wire it to the trellis. Also she clipped a few of the bottom leaves.

@NDNgrower Welcome to The Forum, your in good hands with these cats!! Ton of knowledgeable freesharers in here!

Update on my progress. These photos are from today. I trimmed up the bottom of the WW (right ones) cropped the colas, tied the ones long enough to the trills and as you can see the back one is getting bushier and alot fuller.

As for the MW I raised them up to the same height as the WW since the last time I posted. The colas started to go through the trills so I lowered them back to the floor of the tent and as you can see they are starting to either reach or almost through it. I am giving the back one a couple of days and then I’ll crop the tops or bend them to get sun on the bottom leaves.

I have been alternating on feeding them Fox Farms Grow Big fertilizer and Fox Farm Plant Food every three days or more. They continuing to be under 18/6 of light. Probably not going to start flowering them for at least another few weeks. I would like to get the MW a little bit bigger before then.

I would like to send a big thank you to beardless for recommending on the super crop method.

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Hi there. you can tag someone by putting @NDNgrower …cool

Could I add all three fox farm nutrients together?

@Newt Can we have your expert opinion bro?

Mixing the nutes together? Not by themselves. But yes, all in the same water for feeding. Then mix/stir/shake, and then check and adjust the pH to 6.5. And be sure and do the Sledgehammer flushes as scheduled. Prevents buildups and subsequent lockouts.

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@Newt thank you boss man!!

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