My New Indoor Grow Cave

So I decided to highjack my own post instead of starting a new one for my new grow. Iv got an old post about my old set up around here somewhere (Trying something new) I think. It had three built in closets that were just under 3x4x6.5. It worked at first then I got a few grows under my belt and all of a sudden it was too big yet at the same time too small.

It turned out that three closets were too many for me to keep up with(the too big part) and the whole room was too narrow( the too small part) so I decided to start form scratch and ended up with this.

I built carts to put the plants on so all I have to do is roll the whole thing out to the middle of the room to work, water, and clean plant. You can sort of see it here, the one on the right got too tall and had to remove from cart. Little shit stretched like crazy during first 2 weeks of flower.

This is the other side of the room.

I made the room almost Two feet wider,
rotated the closets counter clockwise 90 deg,
increased size of closets to 4x4x7 well almost 7,
added area between for air intake and exhaust,
upgraded lights to Mars Hydro lights, Left side TS 1000 x2, Right sp 150 x2

I removed the third closet and now I just use a wire shelf with my old blu/prp lights for starting plants.

I removed the drivers from the lights and mounted them outside the closet with the fan.

I actually put everything on the board and then attached it to the wall. I will post pic’s to the build for the right closet when the new lights and fan arrive, (about a week or so).
I will post more up close pic’s of the closets when I water later and pull the plats out.


I also orderded two weather stations is what they are calling them, but its just a wireless thermometer/hydrometer with two wireless sensors.

Im gona put a pair of sensors in each grow at different heights. To monitor with out having to open curtain.

Also got a digital ph pen and a ec/ppm pen.

And a digital usb microscope comming. Gonna be fun. Gotta love lockdown. Lol

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Finally got my two new lights today. Little disappointed the wire going from led driver to the led panel is way shorter than expected. No extra for removing the driver and installing outside grow. Unless i rewire, not sure if i want to void the warranty right off the get go. I will just wait and see how much they rais the temp. Might be a good thing being in the basement they tend to run on the colder side.

Two SP 150’s from Mars Hydro. Just in time too, i just added 2 w.w., 1 g.g. and an agent orange to the grow the these lighs will be going in

I finally got the new lights set up, I got busy putting up a privacy fence at the house.
But here are the two SP 150’s that I picked up.

I was hopping I could remove the drivers and mount them outside the grow but they are way too short, so I just left them where they were. Compared to my old blupurp lights the room is cooler so it works.

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I also started a new project. After reading a few post and watching a vid or two I decided to build a drying cabinet.

It is 3’ x 3’ x 5’6"

I am still working on the door and I will put a wireless temp/humidity monitor when they arrive.

I know I will need an inline fan with a temp/humidity controller of some type. Other than that I am not sure what else I will need or anything else I should do, any advise would be great.

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I am planning on getting this for my new drying cabinet.

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I had the space and I was board just sitting around smoking and watching tv with the family and figured why not. lol I used two old shelfs that I kept moving around the room and some wood. Planning on finish it tomorrow. Happy Birthday to me. Beers, Smoke, and Cake Gona be good.


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Aloha my friend. Yes, this is exactly the fan I have in my drying cabinet. I’ll snap some pictures tomorrow and update my thread.

However, the cabinet is complete and about to be put to use!!

btw – did you ever find a workable camera to spy on your plants?

Not as of yet I put the cameras on hold and upgraded my lights, next will be all new fans. Then maybe the cameras. It was more just to do a time line grow of the plants, it can wait till I don’t have to pay for smoke any more. as for the box I have a plant the is about a week out from harvest. I hope to have it ready by then. Happy growing.

So i just got a new toy in the mail today. Wish i could remember who’s post i saw it on, i will have to do some digging later on and thank them.

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Finished the door and added a bar across the top to hang the plants from

Just need to order my fan and figure out where to put it. But i will do that when the fan arives.


Lookin’ good Billy Ray!

I know right. I am geeket, my wife and mom have been laughing at me all day. I cant wait to use it, I am about a week away from harvesting a nice 5 foot tall Gorilla Glue with nice fat nugs on it. by far my best plant yet.

I like that bar! I don’t like my pvc bar – Once i’m done hang drying I might explore other options.

How do you plan to attach the Cloudline fan?

Still working on that part. I don’t need to be discreet so not sure. It plan on mounting it right to the wall above the grow shelf to the right of the box, there is an old dryer vent up there somewhere to send it outside. And eventually the wall behind it will be finished with studs and drywall and plan to attach to. Still have to scrape some old paint off before I can repaint and finish.